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5 Surefire Ways to Eliminate Mice and Rats This Winter

posted this on Oct 26, 2016

Don’t Let Creatures Stir in your House, Especially Rats and Mice

mouse in the house

“Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” - Twas the Night Before Christmas


This epic Christmas poem has been etched in our hearts and minds since childhood but can we all be secure in thinking that a mouse is not stirring around within our home? As unfortunate as it seems, it might be the case that you have a mouse or rat that has sought your home for shelter, especially around this time of the year when the weather is getting much cooler.


We here at ePestSolutions have compiled 6 do-it-yourself ways you can get rid of that pesky rat and mouse problem so your holiday isn’t ruined by rodents.


1. Perform regular inspections around the exterior of your home


Out of sight, out of mind is NOT the way to go about dealing with rats and mice who are experts at being sneaky. If you’re not examining the outside of your home for possible openings, gaps or holes then you’re setting yourself up to be invaded and it won’t be until you are kept up at night with clawing and squeaking within the walls of your home that you realize you have a problem. Check the perimeter of your home regularly, just because the place looks all sealed up one week doesn’t mean a gap or crawl-space isn’t created next month by those clever irritants.


2. Seal all cracks to shut rats and mice out


Let those little furry things know that they are not welcome in your home by sealing all the cracks and crevices around your home with caulk. Don’t assume that a crack or crevice is too small and a rat or mouse wouldn’t fit through there. Rats and mice have bodies that are very pliable and they’ll surprise you with how well they can wiggle their way through even the smallest of openings.


3. Eliminate all possible hiding spaces


Rats and mice are sneaky and resourceful and will use anything you give them as a means to hide, sneak and scavenge. Be sure that if you have bushes or shrubs or any other kind of vegetation around your home that you keep it at least three or four feet away from the foundation. This would eliminate a prime hiding spot where they would sit and wait around for an opening to scurry into your home.


4. Exclude rats and mice by using Mesh

Mesh is an excellent exclusion tool for mice and rats. Place it around your plumbing and stuff mesh in areas of your home to discourage rats from entering your home.Remember, rats and mice can fit through the opening much smaller than them. Mice can even fit through openings that are the size of a dime, so the finer mesh, the better. However, it’s important that the mesh is made of a material tough enough that rodents can't chew through it. We carry Stuff-It Copper Mesh Exclusion which is a very durable mesh that is built to last.


5. Eliminate all sources of food, except for bait.

Mice and rats are opportunistic eaters, so anything remotely edible becomes dinner. This includes birdseed, herb and vegetable gardens, outdoor trash cans, etc. Eliminate any food lying around as much as your can and trash cans outdoors should be stored in your garage. If you can’t do that then make sure they are very tightly sealed. When food is scarce, the rats and mice will be desperate and that's when bait, especially flavored bait becomes savory to them. Eratication is a prime bait choice as it works fast to kill and it is peanut butter scented and flavored so rats and mice won’t be able to resist especially when all other options have been cleared up.


Implementing these easy do it yourself tips will ensure you won’t have a problem this winter with roaches and that they don’t chew their way into your presents around the Christmas tree. When rats and mice see the measures you have taken on your home’s interior and exterior, they’ll say “BAH HUMBUG” and move on elsewhere.

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