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When Roaches Come Out to Play

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

When Roaches Come Out to Play

It just so happen that the other day, customer calls and tell us there were sitting on the floor folding laundry, when suddenly this BIG Horrendous bug crawled on my leg! It was about an inch long and reddish-brown. Of all things it was a roach, by the looks of it this was best described as an American roach. As most people do out of pure reaction she screamed and yelled for her husband to come and kill it. After watching as he destroyed their living room looking for this creature, she did what any great women would do, and called us to form a plan to attack and eliminate. When treating a house for a roaches we recommend you follow these  3 steps.

My First step is to use some kind of concentrated insecticide on the outer border of home to prevent anymore roaches from invading your home. The most highly recommend concentrate at this point would be Cy-kick CS, which contains a Cyfluthrin. Cyfluthrin is a fast active ingredient, that is low odor and that provides fast insect control. After applying this; you will not need to reapply for up to 90 days (depending on the situation).

My Second step is to rid what roaches I do have in my home. I start off with an item called Gentrol Point Source. This is a disk like item that disperses a chemical called Hydroprene. This will stop the larvae from growing into the adult, and preventing them from reproducing. Next, you will want to bait; you want to make sure that the bait purchased is one that will eliminate the colony not just the roach that is eating it. In which case, you will want something along the line of Maxforce or Advion roach bait gel. You want to be sure that you are applying these gels in an area where you are seeing the most roach activity. Normally they will be around an area that will provide them with water and food. Like bathrooms kitchens and even bed rooms. You cannot place this gel in a food based areas at all. “What can you place in those areas?” you ask. Well not to worry, both Maxforce and Advion have invented a solution.  Using the same chemical that is found in the gel they have made a station that contains the chemical inside so that it will not contaminate any food but make it easy enough to allow the roaches to gain access inside. Be sure that you stay thorough when applying the gel and stations. Also, be sure to check them at least once a week.

My Third and Final step is to sanitize, be sure that the home is clean and will not allow the roach another reason to enter the home and not way to survive without eating the roach bait we just put out.   For instance, be sure you are taking out the trash regularly, after washing dishes be sure to dry the sink, and do not leave food in any open area. It will help is you use the cleaning sprays such as Bio Mop, or Invade Multi Use Spray in the drains if you are a commercial kitchen, as the grease and food in the drains and flooring can add up to more roaches.

This is how we recommend  you get control of roaches in your  home, if these steps are followed, and you are thorough. You won’t end up with a roach trying to play leap frog with you!

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