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The best professional cockroach sprays at a fraction of the price

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016

Using aerosol cockroach spray can be an empowering, video game-like experience – you are the first-person shooter and the vile beasts are your targets. But the sprays you get in the grocery store are not as menacing as you think. Professionals use commercial spraying devices to reach in to cracks and crevices where gels and liquid concentrates cannot, which we sell. What if I do not want to Lug Around a Giant Sprayer? We realize that a lot of DIYers may not be ready to get that extreme, which is why we suggest augmenting the use of a roach control kit with professional grade aerosol sprays. You will get the same juice that the pros use, but in an extremely portable and convenient container. This stuff is so potent that it can only be shipped on the ground, so the roaches in your ground will be easy prey. Aerosol cockroach spray is easy-to-use, cost effective, and easy to store. Make sure to habitually spray in areas roaches love on a consistent basis. Cracks around floorboards are a great place to start when using an aerosol cockroach spray. Feel free to use the spray outdoors, too. Circle the perimeter of your house just like the pest man, looking for areas roaches may use to enter your home. Spray away! You will have the real goods for a fraction of the price.

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