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Small Roach Control for the DIY Homeowner

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016
Small roach control is a fact of life for many homeowners. In fact, it is proven that using
preventative measures works extremely well to prevent cockroach invasions rather than
having to take care of an existing problem. When you use prevention, planning and
continuing your effort will be your best friends since roaches can enter your home in
many numbers they are hard to control.
Prevent Small Roach Invasion
If you have had roaches invade your home, you understand the damage they can
cause. Electronic appliances can be ruined along with your book collection. Furniture
and beds can be soiled by their droppings and these unforgiving pests are known to
spread bacteria, carry worms, and carry diseases making them unfit to co-exist with you
and your family. When they search your home for food, they leave behind germs and
bacteria everywhere they come into contact. From allergies to dysentery, these pests
can be responsible for these and other health issues including childhood asthma.
So if you have had problems in the past with small roaches, inspect your home regularly
and eliminate conditions that invite them there in the first place. A good thorough
cleaning will limit them from coming inside and outside your home. Do not leave dirty
dishes lying around overnight or food uncovered. Clean up all spilled food particles
and liquids right away and keep areas under your cabinets clean and swept up to keep
those little bits of food from attracting the buggers.
Make sure your trash can has a good tight fitting lid and remove trash regularly from
your home to keep the roaches away. If you have pets, store their food away from the
kitchen and away from other foods, also with a tight lid. If you feed your pets outside,
remove the leftovers and do not let the food sit outside for a long time. Spray down your
outdoor garbage cans frequently along with your garage to prevent odors or spills from
drawing them to your home.
Online DIY Pest Control to the Rescue
To treat small roaches once they have invaded your home, go to your trusted online DIY
pest control dealer and order yourself a roach kit or other effective treatments to take
care of the roaches living in your home.
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