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Roaches can invade any property

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 3, 2016

Roaches don’t discriminate—they will happily make themselves at home anywhere. You might say they’re an equal-opportunity invader. Despite the stereotype that roaches will only be found in messy places, no place—no matter how clean—is truly immune from this pest. Any home or building could be at risk, even one inhabited by the most powerful person in the country.

As this story mentions, the White House recently experienced a problem with roaches. Considering this is the most visible (and, some could argue, important) federal building and has a large staff, many of whom are focused on cleaning and maintaining it, this seems to prove that even expensive and well-maintained buildings can still have a problem with these disgusting pests.

While the president was able to call in the top scientists (and, one imagines, an entire team of well-paid professional exterminators) to solve this problem quickly, most of us don’t have those types of resources at our disposal. Fortunately, we probably don’t need an army of experts to handle this problem. In most cases, the average homeowner can handle a typical roach problem on their own, with the help of some roach control products designed for do-it-yourself use.

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