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Roach Fun Facts!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

As annoying and disgusting as we may find cockroaches, there are more than just a few interesting and humorous roach facts that might lighten our view of the roach. In this article, we highlight fun roach facts and informational websites.

First of all, were you aware that a cockroach can survive ‘some’ exposure to radiation. Although, there is a level at which they will be disintegrated, levels of radiation that would kill us, might be marginally acceptable for the roach. This has to do with the exoskeleton and the slow rate at which roaches cells divide. So while roaches are not the “top” rated creature to survive a nuclear explosion, they might live to tell some of the tale.


  • A cockroach may live for over a week without a HEAD! They only eventually die because they no longer have a mouth with which to drink water. They can live for a MONTH without any food, but only a week without water.
  • Cockroaches can hold their breaths for 40 minutes. They would make some divers, if only we could train them to find sunken treasures.
  • Cockroaches are good runners and can travel up to three miles in an hour! This is not a comforting thought.
  • They spend 75% of their time “resting”. ( I need their job.)
  • The Giant Cave Cockroach is the largest cockroach and can grow up to 4 inches. It can be found in Tropical areas of Panama, West Indies and northern South America. Okay, so maybe I’m grateful again for my “American” cockroach.
  • Cockroaches will eat just about any ole’ thing-left-over human food, wood, leather, cigarette butts, coffee grinds, soap, feces, fabric, shoes, paint, the glue on the back of wallpaper, human hair, fingernails, etc., which might just be one of the reasons for their proliferation and survival.
  • Cockroach species are thought to be some 280+ million years old and to have originated during the Carboniferous period. Now THAT is some family history.
  • Some female cockroaches only mate once, and remain pregnant for the rest of their lives. Now THAT is discrimination!
  • Cockroaches have six legs with a MINIMUM of 18 knees! Thank heavens humans only have two, I could not afford all the band aids associated with growing up.
  • The bottom line is that only approximately 2% of all cockroaches ever become “pests” to us. The majority of the worlds’ cockroaches never come into contact with any humans. They are extremely varied and have some quirky little habits.


But should you do want to keep the common ones out of your home,
1-Sanitation is key!
2-Limit moisture and possible food sources
3-Seal cracks and screens
4-Utilize a seasonal regimen of pest prevention techniques, such as perimeter sprays and bait stations.

More interesting roach facts can be located here.

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