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Roach Control Solutions

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Roach Pest Control Solutions

Approximately 3500 species of Cockroaches exist in the world today. Cockroaches are some of the oldest insects, as indicated by fossil remains, so no wonder they are so difficult to eliminate. But we are here to make your do-it-yourself efforts work like the professionals.

Steps to help make your Cockroach Pest Solution Products work their best:

The following pertains to most roaches, but in particular the German Roach.

  1. Perform a thorough inspection of the facility
  2. Locate cockroach activity (apply PT 565 or CB-80 to flush them out)
  3. Wash hands before handling any bait (Avert Cockroach Gel Bait (Reservoir), Avert Cockroach Gel Bait (Piston Can), Maxforce Gel,Maxforce Stations, Niban)
  4. Place bait as close as possible to cockroach activity (within 12 inches)
  5. Generally, the more bait placements, the faster and more complete the control
  6. Use enough bait to eliminate the infestation
  7. Always store baits at moderate temperatures and away from direct sunlight.
  8. Do not apply other insecticides or cleaning against on or near the bait
  9. Do not waste bait by applying it in open barren places, cockroaches prefer cracks, crevices, edges and corners
  10. Do not allow competing food sources to remain within the area
  11. Do not expect the cockroach bait to work instantly

  • PT 565 >>
  • CB-80 >>
  • Maxforce FS Gel Bait >>
  • Maxforce FS Roach Bait Stations >>
  • Niban >>
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