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Roach Bait to Keep Your Family Happy

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Is your home over run by roaches? Do you need effective roach bait to handle your
problem? You could be at your wits end trying to get rid of these most stubborn of bugs.
Roaches get into everything and multiply quickly. They survive quite nicely for months
on end without food, and they can live for up to two weeks without water. All of these
facts make it extremely challenging to get rid of them.

Eliminate a Roach’s Food, Water, and Shelter

That being said, they do like places with a lot of food, water, and places to hide.
Sanitation is by far the best thing you could do, other than get yourself some effective
bait. Make it so your home does not have a lot of either of the necessary survival
items by picking up piles off your floor, make sure your faucets are not dripping, and
wipe up any food particles right away. The roaches will be forced to die or move to the

Clean off all of your kitchen appliances. A roach can live for years off any grease or
food spilled anywhere. Empty out all your kitchen cabinet and wipe every surface
down thoroughly. During this process, only eat in one area of your home and clean up
fastidiously. Vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor every night before bedtime and vacuum
your entire home twice a week. Keep a lid on pet food and on your trash can and seal
all food in a container.

Go online and purchase roach bait products from your DIY pest control company. Their
dusts, baits, residual sprays, and other products will all work together eliminating your
roach infestation. Place gel bait in the areas of highest movement. The roach population
should shrink significantly within a few weeks.

Bait One, Kill 40!

The bait can be eaten by one roach, but that one roach can contaminate up to 40 other
roaches which will knock out an entire population quickly and effectively. If they get tired
of eating one kind, switch to another product and measure the amount of bait on each
station to make sure the roaches are taking it. Soon, you should be roach free.

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