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Rats: Tips for the DIY Pest Controller

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Of all of the rodent pest control problems that one can encounter, rats are definitely not one to take lightly. Rats can cause serious health problems for families if left untreated. In this article, we review what rats can do and treatment methods that the DIY Pest Controller might miss.

According to Baltimore County Public Health Department:

Rats can destroy or contaminate food supplies. Rodent feces and urine are a source of gastrointestinal diseases such as Salmonellosis or E-coli infections, and respiratory diseases such as Hantavirus. The rat flea has been an important agent of transmission for Plague and Murine typhus.

It is therefore important that the infestation of rats be taken vary seriously by the homeowner and DIY pest controller.

When attempting to battle rats, the DIY pest controller will more than likely contemplate baits and poisons. Both are necessary weapons in the DIY pest controllers arsenal against rats, but, a long term plan to kill the rats and keep them from returning may also be in order.

The DIY pest controller needs to assess the source of the rat infestation. Is your home in a rural or urban area? If you are in an urban area, do you have open garbage bins near your residence? If so, these are like buffet style rat feeders, which allow populations to flourish in the urban environment. If this is the source of your infestation, you may need to contact your regional governing body to alert them to this dangerous situation that they are allowing to fester by their lack of action. There are options that the city can adopt, including using baiting stations within the dumpster area or purchasing bins with secure lids that rats are unable to chew through.

If you are in a more isolated area, what does your trash area look like? Old fashioned metal garbage cans with the lids are the best for keeping rats out. Also, keep them as far away from your home as possible so that rats are less likely to migrate inside of your home.

Does the roof of your home have contact with limbs from trees, telephone/cable wires
? If so, consider using a tamper proof weather resistant baiting station directly ON your roof. If you do so, you will minimize the rat population in your area, thus reducing the possibility that they will enter your home. While you are one the roof, be sure to check for signs of rodent entry into your home. All vents should be properly screened to disallow entry.

Use these handy tips to keep rats out and maintain control of your DIY pest control regimen.

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