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Perimeter Pest Control Guide

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

The Problem
Mulch Beds, attics and crawl spaces surround the structure providing the food, moisture and harborage insects need to thrive. During warm months insect populations can rise and drive these insects indoors causing costly callbacks and loss of customer goodwill.

The Proactive Solution
To prevent these problems, contributing conditions such as excess vegetation, overhanging branches and logged gutters should be minimized. Potential entry points should also be sealed as much as possible. In the spring, residual spray should be applied to potential entry points such as around eaves, windows, doors, and any other areas insects could use to enter the structure. The foundation can also be sprayed.

Intice Granular Bait should be applied around the perimeter, as well as to no-perimeter landscape bed, woodpiles and other areas that are attractive to insects. Bait should be applied to attics and crawl spaces if present.

Outdoors, baits can be applied to the refillable InTice EZ Spreader or 1 lb shaker, or other spreaders or dusters. It’s important to get bait under decks, shrubs, and overhangs. For attics, a larger manual or electric duster works best to shoot granules 10-20 feet. Dusting will deliver the desired fine application rate. A little goes a long way.

How Often?
The outside perimeter treatment with InTice and the residential spray treatment around entry points should be repeated in the summer and fall. The structure should also be treated in the winter quarter in warm climates. There is no need to reapply InTice to attics and crawls until the following spring. In hot, wet subtropical climates, bi-monthly or even monthly outdoor services may be needed.

How Much?
Outside treatment, 1/2lb of InTice per 100 linear feet is adequate for perimeter treatment. For attic treatment, about ½ lb total is typically needed and even less for crawls, typically about ¼ lb is enough. For larger existing populations of insects you may need 2-4 lbs per 1000 square feet. New InTice Ultra Fine Granular Bait is perfect for void treatments die to excellent dust ability, and it comes packaged in a handy puffer bottle. In southern states, new In Tice 10 Perimeter Bait is perfect for Perimeter use. With 10% boric acid, versus 5%, larger insects such as roaches and crickets will die faster, and the application rate is lower, greatly increasing the overall economic value of a perimeter service.

Why Bait?
Insects regard bait as food. They actively seek it out, making your job easier. They do not distributed when bait is applied; they just pick it up and die. In the case of ants, the workers cannot eat solid food so they take the bait to the nest and feed it to the larvae, which eliminates the root cause of the problem. Repellent sprayer will kill some worker ants in the direct vicinity but unless the nest is directly treated, the problem won’t go away.

Why InTice Granular Bait?
Multiple proteins, oils and sugar make InTice the most palatable broad spectrum bait available. It is also the most weather, mold and moisture resistant bait on the market today, making it ideal for perimeter treatment applications. Plus, unlike many other actives, the active ingredient, boric acid, doesn’t break down from the heat or UV Light. InTice won’t turn into “bug Food”.

Is it Safe?
This is safe, natural, time tested and known and known to be active. Plus it has a very broad label, allowing application indoors even in food areas, and outdoors for perimeters as well as numerous broadcast turf uses, All InTice products are part of Rockwell’s Green Zone line of products and may be used in USDS Organic Facilities.

A word on Attics & Voids
Insecticidal dusts have long been used to treat attics and voids. These dusts can be repellent to insects, or at best not attractive to them. For this reason they may not be effective unless most or all of the inside surface is treated. This means getting under insulation which can be a lot of work. Dust can also increase your liability.

InTice Granular Bait is ideal for treating attics and voids with it’s very long residual in these conditions. Since insects are attracted to its there is no need to lift the insulation, which means shorter less time spent in the attic. There are also fewer safety concerns for homeowners. Silverfish love InTice! Nothing else works as well for controlling them quickly and easily. It works great applied right on top of the insulation. Use in attics will also control other pests that enter through attics. Sprays can be used around light fixures and other entry points between the attics and living area, in addition to the bait in the attic and voids.

How about German Roaches?
Granular bait is often used for large roaches, but InTice works great for German roaches too! Dusting in drop ceilings, pipe chases, and other damp or dirty areas where gels may not be ideal is a snap. It’s economical and easy to apply with a small bulb duster or bellow dusters. For added convenience use new InTice Ultrafine in the handy puffer bottle. There’s non of the bait aversion problems seen with the use of some gels.

Bait Station Protection
Ants and other insects and slugs love to infest rodent and termite stations. With extra long residual activity and broad spectrum appeal. InTice Granular Bait is perfect to sprinkle around stations to control and prevent insects and slug infestations in rodent and termite stations.

Intice and Non Repellents
Apply non repellent in a band around the structure and in other areas where needed and permitted by the label. Sprinkle InTice Granular Bait right on top of the non-repellent treatment. The application doesn’t need to be perfectly uniform, since pests are looking for bait (food), not trying to avoid it. Ants will enter the treated Zone pick up the bait and head directly back to the nest. This provides more efficient transfer of the non-repellent back to the nest, as well as the “double-whammy” effect of the bait and the non-repellent together. Never use repellent pyrethroid granules in combination with non-repellents. This will chase pests away from the non-repellent and defeat the purpose of the treatment.

Intice and Repellents
Traditional repellent sprays and repellent granules work by creating a barrier. While this barrier tends to chase insects away, it doesn’t necessarily kill large numbers. In the case of ant, a perimeter repellent spray does little to eliminate the colony. It is extremely difficult to make a solid barrier on a surface like mulch or ground cover vegetation. The insects will find ways over, under, and through the barrier which begins to break down from UV light, moisture, and heat soon after its applied. That’s why we recommend just spraying the solid surfaces on the structure itself, where it’s possible to make an effective barrier, and not the natural ground surfaces. InTice Granular Bait is the best treatment for the natural ground surfaces and should be applied to outside the band where the repellent is sprayed.

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