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Mold and roaches often found together

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 3, 2016

If you have a mold problem or other water-related issues in your home, you know these problems can be costly and time-consuming to resolve. And as if that isn’t already enough of a challenge, there may be an extra concern that you may not have even considered yet. In addition to addressing the water problem and resulting damage, you may likely also have an issue involving insects or other pests.

The same conditions that cause mold—damp, decaying wood or other building materials left to develop bacteria over a period of time—are also the same type of conditions that cockroaches (and some other types of pests) really love. This means that if you have discovered a mold or moisture problem inside of your home, there is unfortunately also a good chance that some insects may have taken up residence near that moisture-affected area.

Addressing the mold and moisture issues is of course a very good first step. That will make the area a bit less attractive to pests. However, that probably won’t solve the problem completely. The pests that have already moved in are unlikely to just up and leave immediately if they have settled into that spot.

Once you have repaired the moisture-affected area and removed or replaced any mold-infested materials, you will then want to come up with a plan to address any possible pest infestations that may have occurred as a result of this problem. And remember, just because you haven’t actually seen any insects doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Many pests, such as cockroaches in particular, like to hide during the day when there is lots of activity and may only come out of their hiding places when it is dark and quiet.

Putting off taking any action while you wait for an obvious sign of a problem will only give any existing pests a chance to multiply and spread out, making the problem even worse and making it more difficult to eliminate. You don’t want to go through all of the trouble of taking care of a mold issue only to discover later that you now have a huge pest infestation to worry about.

It’s much better to be safe than sorry and take proactive action, on the assumption that you likely do have some sort of pest issue resulting from the moisture problem. This is especially wise considering how relatively easy it is to take care of pest control yourself, if you address it early and effectively.

Use an affordable and effective all-purpose insecticide that can take care of a wide variety of pests. A bait product is a great choice as a roach killer because it can help take care of hidden pest populations that may not be easy to see or locate.

You can find many options to get rid of any mold-related pest control issues at Solutions Stores.

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