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How To Become A Ninja Roach Killer!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Becoming a ninja roach killer is a quest of many a home dweller. You are a great
housekeeper, taking care to sweep up food debris from your pantry and kitchen floor regularly
and you work hard at it daily. However, you still see the little brown creatures enjoying your
home like it was the Ritz Carlton. Fortunately for you, you can reclaim your home back to the
way it was intended, pest-free. The best part? You can do this all by your lonesome; no need
to call an expensive service to come out and tent your home. Find a good online source for
do-it-yourself pesticides and purchase a good solid roach killing product.

Protect the Entrances of Your Home from Unwanted Pests

The best places to spray for roaches are any entrances to your home that allows the little
brown soldiers to march through. Also, spray your kitchen cabinets – after you have secured
your food. Don’t forget to spray any sinks and bathtubs since they can crawl through the
drains. Another place to spray is your patio or screened in areas near the door to your home.
If you see any other place the roaches frolic, spray those as well.

Read the labels thoroughly on all the products you use and follow directions carefully,
especially if you have small children and pets in the home. Also, create an adverse
environment to roaches by seeing where they are getting their food and water sources and
spray those areas down. Make it difficult for them to get their room service and they will go

Eliminate all Cardboard and Protect Your Classics!

Invest in sealed containers for all your food so roaches cannot penetrate them. Any food
stored in cardboard should be transferred to sealed containers since the buggers love
cardboard. Become an enemy of grease, cleaning down your kitchen after your fish fry. Fix
any leaky faucets in your home and place steel wool in any cracks or crevices that would
allow roaches in your home to begin with.

Another area you may not think of is your library. They love books, especially ones with a
lot of glue in them. Place roach bait on the shelves next to your favorite books and they will
choose the poison before your literary collection gets touched.

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