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Have Cockroaches? Cockroach Control To The Rescue!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

In some parts of the country, cockroaches are just a part of life. They generally live outside
but if your home is welcoming to them, they will find their way in. These creepy little
scavengers, opportunistic feeders if you will, are scrappy and can be hard to control if you
do not understand them. They have three stages in life – egg, nymph, and adult. The adult
female makes small egg capsules, and with the German cockroach for instance, she carries
the egg capsules until they are ready to hatch. Then nymphs are hatched from the eggs
and escape their capsules. They look like adults roaches but are not as developed and are

Prevention First!
Prevention goes a long way when trying to avoid an infestation. Through sanitation and
elimination of their breeding sites, you can usually prevent your home from becoming theirs.
However, even with these systems are in place, you cannot always prevent an infestation
from the outside world. You will need to identify the species once you have cleaned out all
their favorite hiding places. Once you have that species identified, you can then purchase any
number of cockroach control products. There are drain treatments, insecticides, pheromone
traps, insect growth regulators, aerosol sprays, and roach baits.

Cockroach traps are very convenient to use and are very reasonably priced. They do not
have toxic insecticides and are disposable. Some of them use a food attractant along with
a sticky surface to trap the roaches. Traps work great in conjunction with other preventative
measures for them to be really effective. Traps can tell you where they are congregating in
your home so you can target those areas and prevent them entering your home. Corners and
up against walls are great places to place traps. Depending upon how severe your problem is,
the number of traps you need will vary.

Traps, Baits, and Insecticides

By using the traps to help you locate their shelters, you can use an insecticide in those areas.
Be sure to carefully read the label and follow it exactly for maximum safety and effectiveness.
Treat any cracks and crevices in those areas. If you have a large outdoor population of
roaches, you may need to utilize cockroach bait around the perimeter of your home.

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