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Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016


 This is just a live chat conversation about getting rid of cockroaches in their kitchen. Thought this would be good information for anyone struggling with getting rod of cockroaches and trying to make the best choice!


Hello. I have the CB 80 and my husband did not want to use it because you had to cover yourself from head to toe spraying it. and then use a lot of precaustion of removing your clothes. Well I need to fogg our house. and This company CB has what I need is it as time consuming and dangerous to use.

monica:No it is not dangerous to use, and all products have pretty much the same cautions on the label

monica:you have cb-80 the aerosol can?

monica:or the fogger

Lajuana:We are going to get rid of our refrigerator because they love, love the ice box and that is mainly were they live I believe.


Lajuana:I have the can. I want to get the fogger.

monica:Ok, for the fogger you would need to turn off all open flames and leave the room area until it has completely dried a couple of hours for most people

Lajuana:Yes. It does not matter how clean the house is we still have the problem.

monica:Unfortunately roaches can survive with litle to no food, so once they are there it can be very difficult to get rid of them without the proper products

monica:Look at this product and I would recommend using the advion roach gel bait

Lajuana:I know to that. But when does the fogger release its content. My husband is such a scare a phobe and if that stuff foggs he may think he will die. for me I am more relaxed and just want the problem taking care of.

monica:it works as a food source and will get rid of the majority in 4 to 7 days


monica:you will get much better results with this product then the fogger

Lajuana:Why is gel bait better. I have seen exterminators use this and wonder why. To me when I bought the gel it dried up in one day of use. Is it still good when it driees up?

monica:the roaches come to the bait and ingest them it will continue to kill even the roaches that do not come out of hiding because they will eat their own dead and the poison is still killing

monica:Advion does not dry up for 30 days, very attractive and extremely palatable

monica:Customer Comments “Love the Advion Roach Bait Gel! Put the tube down in an empty apartment that the last residents left infested. Turned around and the cockroaches were gathered around it “licking” it off. Best product around!

Lajuana:I will try it thanks. were should I place it . At night they love being in the kitchen sink and the counter around the sink. Can I put the gel in the cabinets were I have dishes? We wash every dish before we use it,

monica:you can place the bait any place you are seeing them, and droppings

monica:even around the frig

monica:under sink


monica:just keep clear of spraying any cleaning products or chemicals when you are using the bait, you want them to ingest it not have any type of aversion to it

Max Force Roach Bait Gel is also another great roach bait product. Gentrol Point Source maybe an added layer to the cockroach control program.

For more information on these products or to find more information about getting rid of cockroaches the DIY pest control way, go to www.askapro@solutionsstores.com or call our toll free number 1-888-523-7378.

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