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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

If there’s one nuisance that simply grosses people out, it’s the cockroach. Luckily, there are several ways, one of the most popular being cockroach gel, for a homeowner to get rid of these pests without calling in a professional. This can save a ton of money considering the cost of exterminators, but it’s imperative that these gels be applied correctly. Luckily, it only takes a few easy steps to rid a home of roaches. Applying Cockroach Gel Cockroach bait stations should be used wherever possible, but there are simply some areas where these baits won’t fit. It’s first important to find the cockroach’s point-of-entry by looking at the narrow crevices and openings that are in areas where roaches hide. These areas include sinks, under appliances, and even where walls meet cabinets. The bait gun, syringe, or simply the tip of the tube included with a gel should be run along all of the aforementioned crevices and cracks.


Though the directions on each gel should be followed, most will recommend reapplication every so often. Products to use in Conjunction with Roach Gel Using roach gel should never be a standalone do-it-yourself treatment. Hitting the disease carrying pests from several angles is important. As previously mentioned, cockroach bait stations should be laid out in areas that they fit into. Additionally, foggers should be the first step in annihilating the majority of roaches in a home. Though killing off these pests can be more daunting than most exterminations, a few do-it-yourself products used in the right way can go a long way.

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