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Say Sayonara To Problem Pests with Cyonara 9.7

Camille Landry posted this on Dec 15, 2016

Image result for cyonaraThe word “sayonara” has become a common term in everyday vernacular with its origin coming from the japanese word for goodbye or a. When you have pests like ants, roaches and spiders invading your home and driving you crazy you can instead tell them “Cyonara” when you use Cyonara 9.7 insecticide spray.


Cyonara 9.7 is a general use broad spectrum insecticide produced by Control Solutions. The 9.7 in the name stands for the percentage of the formula’s active ingredient (Lambda-Cyhalothrin) which is contained in the product.


Cyonara contains the same ingredients in the popular Demand CS Insecticide but is less expensive.  Cyonara is a versatile pest killer and can be used in commercial buildings, residential homes, hospitals, restaurants. Customers have used Cyonara to treat ants, roaches, spiders, ticks and fleas and many other insects both indoors and outdoors.

Cyonara’s secret weapon: Sigma Technology


What makes Cyonara such an effective product and such a smart purchase when needing to treat indoor and outdoor pests is a special new technology known as Sigma Technology. This new technology contained in Cyonara’s formula produces a special double effect. Sigma Technology reduces pares-thesia which is a burning or a prickling sensation to the skin and at the same time, offers long-lasting residual so you wouldn’t have to re-apply the product as often. This is different than encapsulated technology, as the micro-caps can rupture, possibly increasing paresthesia and decreasing residual.


In the following guide we will show you how to apply Cyonara both inside to deal with indoor pests which commonly invade houses like roaches, ants and spiders then we will cover how to apply Cyonara outdoors where it is a perfect product for treating outdoor ants, roaches and most turf insects as well as ornamental pests.


Step-By-Step Guide


Using Cyonara in your home or building is very simple to use. All you need is a pump sprayer which if you don’t already have one, you can purchase our 2 gallon pump sprayer here in our accessories section.


  1. Take the Cyonara Solution and mix the product 1 half oz per gallon of water. We would recommend to take whatever sprayer you are using and fill it up with a half gallon of water, then in put half an ounce of Cyonara before filling the pump sprayer the other half of the gallon. Mix it well so it is agitated before applying.

  2. Indoors, we recommend spraying along cracks and crevices where you have noticed bug activity and most of all baseboards. Spray the product along the baseboards indoors to treat for roaches and ants. It is best to go about this by spraying the top of the baseboard to allow the product to flow evenly over the entire baseboard all the way to the floor.

  3. Outdoors, we would suggest using a hose sprayer, but you can still use a handsprayer if you wish. When spraying outdoors, Cyonara is perfect for not only spraying the turf area but also ornamentals to take care of aphids, flies and other common pests which rest on ornamentals.

  4. Place a half ounce in the hose sprayer and fill with water. From there just spray a light mist onto the turf area. You need to make sure that wherever you already sprayed you don’t back track as the insecticide will come off of your treated areas.

  5. Use the sprayer to even coat all of your ornamentals. Make sure you coat all the leaves front and back. The neat thing about our sprayers is they have an adjustable switch which will flip the solution to spray upwards which is best for getting the underneath side of leaves. Again do not walk over areas where you have already sprayed.

It’s as simple as that. You will be sure to see results with in a matter of days as the population of pests will drastically reduce. Cyonara is a low odor spray, which actually lightly smells like cherries when sprayed so you don’t have to worry about an overwhelming scent that punches you in the nose. Cyonara also provides great residuals making it convenient for those who do not want to frequently reapply pesticides.


Say Sayonara to ants, roaches and all sorts of ornamental pests with Cyonara, the low cost DIY way to deal with irritating and invasive pests in your yard or home. You can also check out a video of Cyonara in action with Solutions very own Keith McCoy on YouTube here.

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