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Kill Flies Fast with MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 27, 2016

When flies are around, good times immediately can turn sour fast. That’s why it best to get rid of them fast. That is exactly what happens when you use MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait as soon as a fly consumes even a little bit of it. MaxForce Flyspot is guaranteed to kill flies in 60 seconds or less.


Utilizing the same effective and fast-acting formula as the reliable Maxforce Granular Fly Bait which we also carry, MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait is a spray formulation that will be able to go where the granular scatter bait can’t go.

 Maxforce Fly Spot Fly Bait

MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait comes in a concentrated water soluble granule which can then be mixed and diluted with water and then sprayed or painted on the areas you need it most. This allows you to spray the Fly Bait on surfaces, windows, countertops and wall corners and outdoors as well along the perimeter of your house, table tops and anywhere wear those pesky flies love to hang out.


Flies of all kinds will not be able to resist MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait because of their attractive ingredient which are the same active ingredients which attract them to the granular form: Imidacloprid and Muscalure plus a special food attractant which lures flies to their demise. The food attractant contains 3 elements that will render the fly hooked onto the bait: an irresistible aroma, a seductive pheromone and a sugar base. Flies won’t have a chance!


What’s the Difference Between the Granular form and MaxForce Flyspot?


There’s not much of a difference between the two forms aside from the fact that MaxForce Flysport Fly Bait can be diluted with water, allowing you to apply the product in places where granulars are unable to reach. MaxForce Flyspot is every bit as attractive, powerful and effective as Maxforce Granular Fly Bait while being much more economical in price.


While MaxForce Granular Fly Bait is best applied on horizontal areas like on floors and around dumpsters, animal facilities and dining areas and low reaching areas where flies frequent MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait works for both horizontal surfaces and vertical surfaces so you can cover more ground and reach areas that scattering some bait won’t get to.


You can use MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait on

  • Walls

  • Fences

  • Windows

  • Holes

  • Edges where flies tend to rest


Easy To Mix and Easy To Apply


MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait is so simple to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this option sooner. Just mix it in a spray bottle with some water, shake it and it’s ready to be used. It’s like a portable bait station that can be used anywhere, saving you time and money. And there’s less work involved compared to using contact killing insecticides since with using those types of products you have to be quick and reactive while MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait takes a proactive approach where you spray areas where you have seen fly activity and as soon as flies decided to touch down on that area again, it will be their last time as the formula kicks in to take them down fast!


MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait leaves no residue and when applied, it dries virtually clear making an area that has been treated with MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait look no different than an area that hasn’t been treated. The formula and residual effect can last up to 6 weeks indoors and 2 weeks outdoors


Safe around Pets and Non-Target Animals


You don’t need to worry about your pets accidently ingesting MaxForce Flyspot Fly Baits formula as it also contain Bitrex, a bittering agent that will repel animals from ingesting the formula because of it’s unpleasant taste.


A Big Advantage MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait has over other treatments


MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait is able to go into territory that no insecticide has been allowed to go before which is inside commercial establishments like restaurants and shops and around the outside of people’s homes. With it’s low odor and fast drying application, it will practically be invisible and unnoticed indoors and outdoors, making it all the more effective.


A prime example is outdoor catered events like barbecues and weddings. These are hotbeds for flies who smell all that good food. By applying MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait around those food service areas, flies will no longer be an annoying and disease carrying pest that is first in line at the buffet table.


Make flies an issue of the past by purchasing MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait today!




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