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Interesting Termite Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

posted this on Apr 14, 2017

Termite Infographic

“WOOD” You Like To Learn Some Interesting Termite Facts?


  • Termites love to take BIG BITES out of wood, but the consequences result in a  MUCH BIGGER BITE out of our MONEY!


  • Termites cause up to 5 billion dollars worth of damage to homes and buildings every year!


Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage? NO!


Termite damage is viewed as a maintenance issue and thus are not covered by most home insurance companies.


Termite Colonies consume an average of 5 grams of wood a day

That’s 8lbs in a span of 2 years!


SEAL UP Those Gaps!

A termite can fit through a hole or opening thats 1.5mm wide.


The Queen Termite is a Egg Laying Factory on her own!

  • She can live up to 25 years, about 20 times as long as the average worker termite

  • Can produce up to 1,000 eggs every day, that’s up to 9,000,000 in her lifetime!

  • That’s up to 30 average sized colonies. IT only takes 1 colony to devastate a home.


How You Can Protect Your Home


  • Seal up cracks in the foundation
    Foundation cracks are the ideal point of entry for termites to gain access into your home.

  • Don’t Stack Wood Or Lumber near your home
    Keeping wood, lumber, plants and especially old pieces of wood away from your home will help prevent termites from targeting food and moisture in those pieces and then moving in on your home.

  • Fix Roof Tiles that Are Broken Immediately
    Termites need moisture to survive. A broken roof tiles will make it so moisture enters your home.

  • Repair Water Leaks to Your Plumbing
    Leaky water pipes provide the perfect conditions for termites to thrive and gather around.

  • Remove mulch from areas close to your home’s foundation
    Mulch is made of wood and it’s purpose is to give more moisture to your home garden. That’s a win-win for termites.


Termites are clever little buggers and can find plenty of other ways into your home.


For more information on how you can control termites and protect your home

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