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How to Apply Granules Like a Professional

posted this on Aug 4, 2016


Sometimes the terms bait and granules are used interchangeably, but this is incorrect.  A bait is something that is a food attractant very much like granules that have an insecticide embedded into it, and they both work differently and have different times when one is better than the other.

With Granular insecticide it is important to follow the correct application rate, and follow the label.  More does not make it work better, you are just wasting your money.  Granules are applied at a much higher rate than a bait, but are less expensive.  Bait should never be watered in, but granular insecticide should, as this is what activates the insecticide.

A hand spreader will work fine for small areas, a typical yard and are not very expensive, next would be a medium sized crack type of spreader, ideal for over an acre.  For small areas you need to calculate the area you will be treating and then weigh out the granular insecticide, spread the gate to be opened about 3/8 ‘s of the way and walk briskly, if you have any left then you can spread this out in the opposite direction.

Learn how to mix a granular insecticide for use in your sprayer.

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