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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

Whether you’re in the food preparation business, restaurant business or catering business, one bug or insect can ruin the fine reputations of your food service business that you’ve worked so hard to develop and nurture. To help prevent this from happening and to ramp up sanitary conditions, it’s best to have a regular plan for pest control measures. With today’s effective and safe pesticides on the market, it’s easy to do-it-yourself and save the cost of having to hire a professional insect removal company.

While food service environments are susceptible to the same pest problems as other structure, there are a few that are common to these environments. Cockroaches, flying insects, stored-food pests, rodents and bed bugs are just a few that are particularly fond of food service places.


Restaurants have everything that cockroaches need to thrive and survive, including places to hide, food, warmth and moisture. These critters can be tough to get rid of once they’re established. Products like deltamethrin roach control, Maxforce FAC Large Roach Killer Bair Stations with fipronil are effective for the control of cockroaches. As a matter, this fipronil kills in just eight hours with over a 70 percent reduction in cockroach populations in two days. It has an odorless bait to lure these creepy crawlers in. Delamethrin roach control products come in many formulations, including sprays, granules and powders. In addition, delamethrin roach control products are odorless. Put these products alongside drainpipes, between refrigerators, in cupboards and underneath dishwashers and ovens.


These flying insects include fungus gnats, fruit flies and houseflies. Like cockroaches, flies thrive in food service environments. Use flying insect traps like Natural Catch anywhere these pests are a problem. This product traps flying insects with a non-toxic, easy-to-use and safe design. It’s economical, simple, convenient and effective. As a matter of fact, it lasts for 30 days. Place them on countertops, stands or displays.

Stored-Food Pests

These critters include moths, weevils, beetles and more. Store-food pests infest both animal and plant based food products like meat, grains and spices. Often, these pests arrive in food shipments or nearby outdoor foliage. Safari Insecticide is a systemic insecticide that controls these pests. Just spray it on the outdoor shrubs, trees and other landscaping. The chemical is taken up through the root system and upward through the plant.


Mice and rats are the typical rodents that can be a huge problem for restaurants and other food service environments. Rodents typically show up in garbage areas, around dumpsters, in receiving areas and in basements. There are a variety of products for preventing, controlling and eliminating rodents. If you suspect that rats are getting in through small holes in the structure, Stuffit copper mesh is the answer. It’s ideal for sealing vents, weep holes, plumbing and other open spaces. Just cut it and stuff it. Rodent Control Kits are another good solution. These kits include tamper-proof bait stations, snap traps and combo bait.

Bed Bugs

Although not a major problem in food service venues, these bugs are being found in restaurants in increasing numbers. Bed bugs generally arrive by hitch-hiking on guests or employees. Products like Drione Insecticide Dust can be used in cracks and crevices to get rid of bed bugs.

To learn more about food safe pesticides and the pests they can be used on, head over to the Solutions website.

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