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Control Invasive Brush Conveniently and Inexpensively with Triclopyr

Camille Landry posted this on Dec 15, 2016

Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer (Garlon 4)

Here at Solutions Pest and Lawn, we get a lot of customers that contact us who are dealing with tough broadleaf weeds invading their vegetations and crops they are trying to grow. More often than not, we recommend them to try Triclopyr to eliminate those hard to control weeds that ruin their gardens, ranges and pastures. Triclopyr does a fantastic job in tackling woody species and brush while being very economical in price.

What Is Triclopyr?

Triclopyr is a selective herbicide which targets broadleaf plants (like forbs, shrubs and trees) and can be used in grasslands or areas where desirable grasses are growing under or around targeted woody or broad-leaved invasives.


There are two forms of Triclopyr--amine and ester--which vary in terms of the species they can treat and methods of usage. Solutions carries the ester variation which is best for penetrating bark and can be used for foliar, cut stem and basal bark applications. Triclopyr 4 Brush Killer is the same product as the popular Garlon 4 herbicide.

Why Triclopyr is the best brush removal strategy.


Depending on certain conditions and disturbances in the environment, woody species like buckthorn, honeysuckle, poison oak and other types of invasive brush spring up where they aren’t wanted and interfere with the growth of desired vegetation. Sometimes even trees and vines creep up unexpectedly baffling customers and force them to come up with a removal strategy.


Non-Chemical strategies, like manually pulling or cutting down the invading weeds and mechanical removal can usually be hit or miss depending on the type of weed or brush that is growing on a property. It is also usually very labor intensive, expensive and time-consuming. That is why using a chemical control method like Triclopyr is highly recommended for those who want to save time, money and energy over other methods.


Products like Triclopyr are professional grade and are much more effective than what you would find at your local department store or gardening center. Most products sold for brush control at garden stores are a combination of two or three growth regulator herbicides intended for foliar applications. These products also typically contain lower concentrations of active ingredient. Products containing Triclopyr is much more concentrated and is more effective on woody species than those based on 2,4-D, dicamba or other herbicides.

Solutions Step-By-Step Guide for Triclopyr

Before handling Triclopyr, we recommend you wearing protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves in addition to long-sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes and socks, during mixing and application as Triclopyr is known to cause skin and eye irritation.


For Controlling Brush

  1. We recommend using 3.2 oz to 6.4 oz per gallon depending on the size of the brush. One gallon of mixed solution which should cover about 2 acres of land.

  2. We would recommend using a surfactant when using Triclopyr as it will help enable the product to stick to the foliage and give you better control.

  3. Mix the product and spray evenly onto the brush until it’s fully coated.





For Controlling Trees


  1. Mix one part of Triclopyr with four parts of water.

  2. For any tree trunk size that is less than two inches in diameter, start applying the Triclopyr beginning at the ground and spraying up three feet up on the trunk of the tree, spraying to the point of run off.

  3. For any tree trunk size that is more than two inches in diameter, take a machete and make a cut into the trunk into the tree right into the cambium layer and then peel away at the outer bark and then spray the trunk of the tree with the product.



Following the above steps accurately you will be certain to see results within days as the brush and weed will start drastically wasting away. Now that you see how it’s done, order Triclopyr today to take care of your weeds and trees.

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