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3 Reasons Why DIY Termite Control is Better than Hiring an Exterminator

Camille Landry posted this on Feb 20, 2017

Termites can be expensive to tackle via exterminatorWhen it comes to do it yourself pest control, there are some pests that are tougher to treat for than others and one such pest which frequently comes up are termites. Do a Google search and you’ll find a lot of pest control services claiming that conducting a DIY termite control plan is not a good idea and one that should be handled by a professional if a homeowner wants a job done right. These same PCOs claim that while it may be the cheaper option to try and go about termite control themselves, there’s no guarantee that just applying some termiticide around your home will be effective in removing your termite problem.


We here at Solutions Pest and Lawn want to tell you that while termite control requires allocating some time out of your day and getting your hands dirty a bit, if you have an unshakable DIY attitude and want to save some major bucks, DIY termite pest control is possible and in some cases is the preferred option to take care of pesky termites which have infested your home and are damaging your home’s wood. In this article, we will debunk some of the reasoning that are used by these professional pest control services and also present some helpful tips to give you peace of mind if DIY termite control is the route you wish to take.

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Why do Pest Control Companies Discourage DIY? Simple Answer: $$$$

MoneyIt may seem pretty obvious but the main reason why pest control professionals tell you that doing DIY termite control isn’t wise is because if you did decide to tackle those wood-loving critters yourself, they’d be losing out on a customer and your precious hard-earned money. They want you to shell out the big bucks for their termite control services. Now while they may be professional licensed and specially trained to specifically deal with termites and do thorough inspections, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the average DIYer is incapable of doing the same thing.


The truth is, you don’t need fancy qualifications to conduct termite control treatment to your OWN home. The termite control licenses are to prove you are legitimate to earn a living conducting termite control services for others. If you are willing to follow steps laid out by experts such as our staff here at Solutions Pest and Lawn, you can successfully pull off a DIY termite control program that will produce results and wipe out those termites feasting on your home.

 Termite Facts

Superior Products for Termite Control

Another argument that termite exterminators give when discouraging homeowners from conducting DIY termite control treatments is that because they are licensed professionals, they are allowed to use professional-grade termite control products while the best an average homeowner can get are the inferior and watered-down products at your local WalMart or garden center.

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While we at Solutions agree that the termite control products sold at big box stores are diluted product and will not produce the same results as a high-quality professional termiticide can, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are banned from purchasing those products.


Solutions Pest and Lawn termite control products are available to the public to purchase either online or at our local brick-and-mortar stores and you don’t need a license to buy them. These include termite sprays, baits and dusts. Did you catch that? You don’t need to have a license to buy the good stuff that the termite professionals use.


While the termite control products we have in stock cost much more than those diluted generic brands from big box stores, it is still a worthy investment. You’re getting termite pesticides that are guaranteed to work and if you’re doing-it-yourself, you're saving a ton of money on labor which is where pest control companies hit you the hardest, especially for termites.


Having The Proper Equipment To Treat Termites

When you are treating a home for termites, you don’t just need a high-grade termiticide to carry out termite control, you’re going to need equipment that the average homeowner might not have.


Pest service professionals state that it’s better to hire a pro to conduct termite control for you because they possess all the equipment necessary for termite control. With termites, you might need things like a drill, injection rod, shovel and wheelbarrow since termites mainly live in soil underneath the ground and merely target your home for food rather than for shelter.


This argument might work for some but not for the avid DIYer. You don’t need a lot of technical pieces of equipment to conduct termite control. In fact, you can get by doing a termite control inspection with a flashlight and a screwdriver to check and probe wood around your home for termites. And for actual treatment (outside of termiticides and sprayers), at bare minimum you will need a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a screwdriver gun with a few drill bits.


These are basically staples for a homeowner, even the ones who are not too handy. The point is, any homeowner who is a novice at DIY tasks can pull off an effective DIY termite control program and no pest service professional can tell you different.

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Safety Concerns

Finally, pest control service professionals love to use the argument that professional-grade termite control products require someone with the credentials to handle them or else it can potentially be a safety hazard for the family. While it may be true that those pros know the best ways to properly apply these chemicals in a way that will ensure the safety of both your children and your pets, that doesn’t mean that as a DIYer you’re totally inept at using termite control products properly in a way that isn’t harmful to yourself or those living in your household. Frankly, that should be taken as an insult.


Here at Solutions Pest and Lawn, not only do we provide you with termite control products that are largely safe to use around the home, we also equip you with the knowledge and best practices in utilizing the products we sell you to ensure the safety of you and your entire family. On top of that we also provide protective safety equipment to keep you safe when handling harmful chemicals. We don’t want to insult your intelligence because we know that you can follow directions especially if we craft them in an easy-to-understand way either through our online guides via our knowledge base, our how-to videos or live over the phone from one of our expert service reps. We know you can do it and we’ll help you with whatever it is you need knowledge-wise and technique-wise to make sure you do.


The Verdict

Whether your termite problem is a small one or a larger infestation, fret not because you can overcome and treat the problem the DIY way when you use a trusted source like Solutions Pest and Lawn as your provider and guide for termite control. Professional pest control services should only be for when you absolutely do not have the time or energy to devote to a termite control program or if you are just up to your ears in cash that you can easily fork over money without feeling any pain. If that sounds like you, more power to you.


However, most of our customers like to save money and like the satisfaction and accomplishment of protecting their home from pests like termites DIY-style.  If you compare the costs, safety, and the convenience of going through a DIY pest control supplier and knowledge base like Solutions to a professional exterminator, you will quickly discover that conducting a DIY termite pest control program may be the smarter option for you (and your wallet). If you want to get started on a DIY termite control program to prevent further damage to your home, feel free to give us a call and we will design an effective termite control program for your home and give you recommendations on the best products to buy so you can get cracking on removing termites from your home permanently.








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