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Pest Control

How to Control and Eliminate Sod Webworms
Bug Lady Oct 18, 2016

How to Control Sod Webworms in Your Lawn Recommendations provided by Solutions Stores   713-473-3345   So your once lush green and healthy lawn is not becoming a patchy eyesore. The culprit? It could very well be sod webworms. These destructive super-villains are attacking your p...

Kill Flies Fast with MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait
Bug Lady Oct 27, 2016

Kill Flies Fast with MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait   When flies are around, good times immediately can turn sour fast. That’s why it best to get rid of them fast. That is exactly what happens when you use MaxForce Flyspot Fly Bait as soon as a fly consumes even a little bit of it. MaxFor...

Kit Guide - Solutions Pest and Lawn
Bug Lady Nov 8, 2016

Be the Master of Your Home with Our DIY Pest Control Kits We understand that sometimes when trying to do-it-yourself, especially when it comes to pest control, things can get confusing. You look up guides on how to take care of rodents, roaches and other irritating pests that have invaded your h...

Man vs. Rodent: Indoor Rodent Control Guide
Camille Landry Nov 28, 2016

When you are dealing with a rodent infestation the time to take action is as soon as you realize. They can quickly get out of control, so in the battle against rodents, man must move just as quickly as they do if they want to win. The first step is identification. Once you know your enemy, you ...

The Best Ways to Bait and Trap Mice and Rats
Camille Landry Nov 28, 2016

Mice and rats are pretty tough to catch without the right materials, they move quickly and can zip to and fro with ease and can even fit into the smallest of gaps and openings. You may not be able to outmaneuver them but you can definitely be able to outsmart them with the right products. &nbs...

Don't Let These Holiday Pests Ruin Your Christmas
Camille Landry Nov 29, 2016

During Christmas season we all enjoy watching the Grinch that stole Christmas, but while that holiday classic may be a work of fiction there are real life grinches among us! Holiday pests like roaches, rodents and even bugs that live in your Christmas tree! Here are some of the most common grinch...

Say "Sayonara" To Problem Pests with Cyonara 9.7
Camille Landry Dec 15, 2016

The word “sayonara” has become a common term in everyday vernacular with its origin coming from the japanese word for goodbye or a. When you have pests like ants, roaches and spiders invading your home and driving you crazy you can instead tell them “Cyonara” when you use ...

Control Invasive Brush Conveniently and Inexpensively with Triclopyr
Camille Landry Dec 15, 2016

Here at Solutions Pest and Lawn, we get a lot of customers that contact us who are dealing with tough broadleaf weeds invading their vegetations and crops they are trying to grow. More often than not, we recommend them to try Triclopyr to eliminate those hard to control weeds that ruin their ga...

7 Year-End Maintenance Tips You Must Do For Your Equipment
Camille Landry Dec 27, 2016

2016 has come and gone and if you’ve been an avid DIY’er when it comes to pest control applications and lawn care or a Pest Control Professional, you may have had a busy year. Just taking one look at your equipment can make it obvious. If your equipment looks like it’s been thro...

How Cypermethrin (Demon WP) Works To Eliminate Bugs
Camille Landry Dec 27, 2016

A popular insecticide that is used to eliminate a broad range of common household bugs is Demon WP by Syngenta. What makes Demon WP so effective is the active ingredient that it contains, Cypermethrin, which was initially formulated to deal with controlling infestations of bugs on commercial agri...

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