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Do you have Grain Beetles in Your Pantry? Five Tips To Take Back Your Kitchen

posted this on Feb 2, 2017

grain beetles in the pantryHave you ever opened up your pantry to try to whip up a recipe or grab a snack and seen a reddish-brown looking bug crawling around on your countertops or in your cupboards? Or, even worse, flying around in your kitchen?


These are grain beetles, and they're more common than you think. A customer of ours noticed these little bugs a couple of months ago and they at first thought that the bugs may have somehow flown in here accidently from the outside. They stated that they had been keeping their grains and cereal in zip-up bags and sealed plastic containers. But when they began to multiply, that’s when they gave us a call wondering, ”Hey what gives?”

If you're wondering, "How do I get rid of grain beetles?", this article is for you.

What Are Grain Beetles?

Based on their name, it’s apparent that these little beetles enjoy living in containers of flour, cereal and rice. There are two main types of grain beetles: merchant grain beetles, which have the ability to fly, and sawtoothed grain beetles, which don't fly. These guys are also similar to another common pantry pest, weevils, which are also beetles.


No need to get yourself confused on which type you have as the recommended method of control is essentially the same whether you have one or the other.


How to Get Rid of Grain Beetles

So you have a grain beetle outbreak. What next? Eliminating them may seem like a giant chore, but it’s not as hard as you may think.

  • Toss infested foods: We told our customer to clean out their cabinets, and thoroughly inspect all of their stored away flour and rice since that's where grain beetles like to rest and get rid of any old, questionable food. The last thing you need is tons of pantry clutter.

    For our customer, all of their bags of rice, oats, and flour appeared perfectly fine — that’s is until they spotted a half-sealed box of Bisquick on the top shelf. BINGO! It, along with an box of cornstarch, were the party homes for a family of grain weevils.

  • Don't forget to check your spices: Another customer who has a pantry pest problem kept their grains and cereals impeccably sealed and contained. That is when we told her to check her spice rack, which is an often overlooked area where grain beetles like to set up camp.  Sure enough, when checking her old spices that hadn’t been touched in some time a sizable outbreak of grain beetles having themselves a spice fest. Yet another reason to toss old spices that have lost their zest.

  • Clear and clean cabinets: We cannot stress enough how important cleanliness and decluttering is when dealing with pantry pests. Make sure when you’re carrying out your spring cleaning of tossing old foods that you clear your cabinet out and get it a good surface wipedown and vacuuming if possible with a hand vac.

  • Properly store everything: Even those homeowners who feel they are good about storage things away neatly sometimes need to take a look back at what they do and upgrade their storage setup to make sure everything is appropriately sealed and tucked away. Airtight bags and containers are the way to go. Get rid of the original cardboard packaging and place your foods and goods in hard plastic because some pantry pests can actually chew through cardboard just to get to the grains--you’ll be surprised!

  • Invest in some high-quality control methods from Solutions: Sometimes being neat and tidy may not get rid of those pantry bugs that stick around waiting for the little morsel of food to be left for them to go nuts on. Fortunately, we have professional grade sprays, traps and dusts that can do a world of good in getting rid of the pantry pests you have in your kitchen. Investing in only a few of the products combined with proper storage and sanitation will ensure that pantry bugs won’t step foot in your kitchen again.

    On top of that, we also have a thorough how-to guide on controlling various pantry pests on our knowledge base. Be sure to refer to that if you need some help carrying out a control program to rid your pantry of those flour loving pests.


Check out our Pantry Pests section for products to take care of your pantry bug problem. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call or number for free advice molded to your specific problem and target pest.


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