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Time to apply your pre-emergent. Stop weeds in their tracks

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

It is time to start thinking about applying your pre-emergent to your lawns to stop those broadleaf and grassy weeds from being able to take over your lawn. I know that I personally want to be the envy of the neighborhood and you cannot have that if you’re yard in covered in weeds and other problems.

So start the year off right and be preventative, applying a pre-emergent will do just that; get you ahead of the game. A pre-emergent is a chemical that can be wither in granular form or liquid concentrate that you mix with water and applied to prevent unwanted growth from appearing in your lawn. The Pre-emergent does not kill the weed only stops its ability to grow. But for it to be effective every year you need to apply a pre-emergent to prevent the seeds from germinating. When you apply, it will only work on controlling them if it is applied prior to the plant germinating. So this needs to be done early spring. But it should not be applied to early or it will not work as long throughout the season as you would like and you will end up with weeds anyway.

It should be applied around March 15 and September 15, these are the 2 dates to get the best control and have the most effectiveness of the pre-emergent. This will help to the weeds from making any appearance.

Applying it in the winter will also help prevent the winter weeds from germinating, because as we know especially here in the south we have weeds all year long!

Once the soil temperature starts to reach 50 degrees or above, most major weeds will start to emerge

A Chemical I like to look for in a pre-emergent is Prodiamine which is in products called Barricade and Prodiamine by Quali-Pro. These are available in both granules and liquid. Prodiamine is broadleaf and grassy weed control, and can be used for crabgrass in both fall and spring.

Prodiamine 4L pre-emergent broadleaf and grassy weed control in a convenient liquid formula. Easy to tank mix and spray and is effective again Annual Bluegrass.

Balan Herbicide weed killer for lawns is a superior weed control product and a selective pre-emergence herbicide for the control of crabgrass and most other annual weed grasses on lawns and golf courses.

Balan Herbicide


At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional home pest control products including a variety of weed killers and other weed control products so that you can do your own pest control.

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