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The benefits of using a veratile, long term insecticide

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

If you are looking for a versatile, long-term insecticide that will give you the type of pest control you need at a great cost, then Suspend Insecticide is the obvious choice.

Insects are remarkable in the rate at which they breed and their survival mechanisms. These factors may scare some people away from DIY Pest Control. But, whether you’re facing ants, fleas, bedbugs, or mosquitoes, the sheer number that you face can be formidable. Thankfully, there is a versatile and long-term solution. Suspended Insecticide contains deltamethrin, which makes it approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Deltamethrin is the man-made version of the natural defense that plants use against insects. The chemical name is Pyrethrum, and it is the mirror of the chemical found in chrysanthemums.

Easy to use, but Effective

The formulation of Suspended insecticideis mini-crystalline. What does this mean to you? It means that the insecticide does not dissolve in water. Instead, it uses water as its transport mechanism. Once it’s transported to your yard or in your home it remains in crystalline form where it continues to be an active agent for long periods of time. The crystals keep the pesticide on the surface where they do the most to protect you from the hoards of insects both in and around your home.

  • Chemical suspension: This means longer contact time with the insect and more effective results. It works great on harder to kill pests such as scorpions and spiders.
  • Cost Saving: “ Versatile insecticide” means that they work on a variety of pests and in a variety of locations. It also means that they work for a long time, up to 90 days with one application.
  • Versatility: Approved for both indoor or outdoor usage, as well as direct use on mattresses for bedbug protection. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended application guidelines.
  • User Friendly: The formulation is odorless and offers a ratio of concentrations; this allows you to adjust the dose to suit the situations. It comes in an easy to use tip and measure bottle, so it takes all the guesswork out of mixing.
  • Based on Nature: The Third generation Pyrethroid is the man-made version of pyrethrum that is produced by chrysanthemums. The power of natural pest relationships is now available in a bottle.
  • Perfect for the DIY person: It is easy to apply either via garden hose or sprayer. The non-binding crystals of this versatile insecticide will not clog spritzer or sprayer nozzles. SC Insecticide has low odor, it dries clear, and it doesn’t stain surfaces.

The powerful secrets of nature converted into a pesticide that is easy to use, versatile, and effective. Suspend Insecticide with deltamethrin is the perfect solution for the DIY homeowner who wants to take care of multiple pests with one, high quality product. When you use a versatile, long-term insecticide to control your insect problems you get the benefits of 90+ days of residual control, a very low dose of chemicals, and superior quality pest control solutions.

With Suspend SC all your pest control problems are covered. Stop spending the money on multiple insecticides, and start using one versatile product with long-term effects. You’ll save time, money, and instead of using multiple chemicals around your home and your loved ones, you’ll only be using one. Suspend SC can be found at epestsolutions.com. Take a look and see if this multi-purpose insecticide is right for you.

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