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Scientists Study Tropical Insect-Repelling Fruit

posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Breadfruit—a fruit that’s plentiful in certain tropical regions and serves as a dietary staple in those areas—had for a long time been known to have strong insect-repelling qualities.  Recently, a team of scientists teamed up to try and pinpoint the exact chemicals in breadfruit that are so good at keeping insects away. Their initial findings helped identify some of the compounds in the fruit which do serve as an effective pest-repellent.

It may be quite some time, though, before anyone creates a commercial insecticide product containing those particular chemicals. And you are unlikely to have access to breadfruit, unless you’re planning a tropical getaway in the near future.

So for the time being, you may have to rely upon on more readily available (if less exotic) bug control products. The good news is, we have an extensive array of products that can effectively handle your insect problems, so check out the selection at Solutions Pest & Lawn

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