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Pyrethrum Insecticide to the Rescue

posted this on Oct 8, 2016

If you do your own pest control, you may have heard of pyrethrum insecticide. It
is an insecticidal compound extracted from the pyrethrum daisy or the Dalmatian
chrysanthemum. This perennial has a lot of pyrethrins in it that are toxic to insects.
This insecticide is extracted from the plant and is considered non toxic to humans. It is
approved in the U.S. for use on certified organic farms.

Highly Toxic to Insects, Harmless to People
Pyrethrum is highly toxic to a lot of insects, making it effective for use against the
pests that are bugging you; however, it also kills beneficial insects that pollinate your
vegetables, so keep this in mind if you are considering using this in your garden. Only
use this compound for spot spraying infested areas and do not use to spray the entire
yard or garden.

Pyrethrins, Pyrethrum, Permethrin, and Pyrethroids – What’s the Difference?
Pyrethrins are the active chemicals within pyrethrum and the two terms are used
interchangeably. Pyrethroids are synthetic pyrethrins that are more toxic than the
natural ones and are not approved for organic gardening. Permethrin is a synthetic
pyrethroid, not a natural pyrethrin. Permethrin is registered for use on food crops,
feed crops, livestock and their housing, building and structures, mosquito abatement
programs, as well as indoor spaces and pets.

You can buy pyrethrum pesticides at your online DIY pest control supplier for all of
your pest control needs. Pyrethrum can be mixed with other ingredients to help its
effectiveness. It can be mixed with organic ingredients like neem oil or insecticidal soap.
It can also be mixed with PBO which is a non organic chemical to make it more potent.

Least Toxic Pesticide on Today’s Market
Pyrethrum is the least toxic pesticide on the market today. It is toxic to fish and
amphibians, so it needs to stay out of storm drains and waterways. Pyrethrins are
biodegradable and break down very fast in sunlight. They do not stay around long in soil
or on your vegetables which is why it is used in organic gardens.

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