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Pyrethrum Insecticide – Safe to Use, Hard to Say!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Pyrethrum insecticide is a very safe insecticide derived from botanicals. It comes from the dried flowers of chrysanthemums. The plant oil found in the very minute glands in the flower head has six chemicals known as pyrethrins which repels mosquitoes, keeps them from biting you, and also leads to their demise. It protects the flower from plant eating insects. This insecticide is widely used by crop farmers to control insects and also used by farmers to protect stored food.

Low Toxicity
Pyrethrum insecticides are very low in toxicity but caution should be followed since it is still an insecticide. Use pyrethrum according to the label and follow directions carefully. This insecticide has been used for over 25 years in agriculture and around horses with no known harmful effects on humans or warm-blooded animals.

This biodegradable insecticide is so safe our government approves it to be used on tomatoes which are very insect-prone. It is a water-based and natural insecticide that is great to use in a mosquito misting system for the safe control of annoying pesky flies. You could set the timer on your mosquito system to spritz the area twice a day, early morning and evening, for maximum effectiveness.

Non-Toxic to Mammals
When used according to the directions, pyrethrum is considered non-toxic to mammals so it is a great choice when choosing a misting system spray. This miracle spray kills flies, spiders, mosquitoes, roosting wasps, and spiders. It works great in a misting system and when set with a timer and makes for an easy way to keep bugs at bay. Take care when spraying around ponds as this insecticide does not work well around fish and tadpoles. Read the label carefully if you have a pond around the misting area.

You would benefit from using pyrethrums around your backyard pool and patio areas along with restaurants, vet clinics, zoos, equine facilities, poultry houses – anywhere mosquitoes are a problem. It works well for living creatures who are bugged by bugs. It is free of allergens as well which is good to know when spraying around your home or office. Pyrethrum is a great choice to keeping you and your pets healthy and free of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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