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Overwintering Insects: In -laws are not the most dreaded house guest

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016

Stinkbugs are small enough to use many different opportunities to enter a structure, so think about more than just the windows or doors as possible entry points.

Overwintering guest usually occur in the fall when the temperatures start to drop. It is possible for them to be located in your attic for 6 months during the winter, all warm and toasty, and then for you to see a huge population in the spring.

When the Stinkbug starts warming up after overwintering you may start seeing them move out of light fixtures, vents, and really any other opening they may have found.

Exclusion is always the best policy with overwintering guest, all though is not 100% even when it comes to In-Laws. But it is the best place to start, and looking for gaps and then sealing them can be done throughout the year. It will help keep out more than just your overwintering stinkbugs.

Check out openings from the ground on up, look at the roof, shingles, vents, soffits, and plumbing penetrations.

Spraying the exterior of the home, usually the south side is a good area to start, can help reduce the numbers that make it inside. It is also recommended that you dust the wall voids inside after the Stinkbug has made it inside. This is something that would need to be repeated every year.

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