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Monitoring and Trapping Insects

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016


Capturing pests as a means to identify, quantify or control adult stages of an infestation.


  • A variety of traps are used to aid the inspection process and symptom suppression.
  • The role of trapping can range widely from identifying insects present to measuring populations of insects, or acting as a control mechanism.


  • Monitors/traps often act as an early warning system and alert the homeowner to pest activity before pests are encountered.
  • Monitoring also helps progress in the control process and identify remaining hotspots of an infestation.
  • In addition to providing valuable information about the infestation, monitors/traps serve as significant population reduction mechanisms.
  • Monitors/traps are a part of all Integrated Pest Management programs.

Common Equipment

Pheromone trapsinsect light trapstermite monitorscrawling insect monitorsglueboards and mechanical rodent traps.

Common Pests Treated with this Technique

May include almost every pest, especially stored product pests, flying insects, termites, cockroaches and rodents.

Products Used

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