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How to inspect, prevent, and treat worms in your yard or garden

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 5, 2016


Looking for ways to control and prevent worms in your garden and yard, like a professional checkout ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such as Merit and Talstar will make all the difference in the world when it comes to treating and controlling worms in your garden.

It is always great to get you hands and toes in the dirt and get to planting and growing, but grubs can cause a lot of frustrating damage very quickly to the roots of your grass and garden.

Now you can spend your evenings digging them up and removing them by hand, but who has the time or energy? Believe me I have tried, planting my plants and throwing grub worms in the street, I probably looked pretty crazy to the neighbors. But in the end I had as many as I started with no matter where I threw them. Not me for sure, so time to think about applying an insecticide that will kill the grubs and also make the plant and turf indigestible to any other pest.

Keeping your lawn green and health is important to you and so it is important to us, and we are here to help. Grub control should be done early in the season as to have the best results before they become much harder to reach in the soil.



These C-shaped larval stage of these beetles can and do cause quite a bit of damage to lawns and golf courses across the United States. Usually people call these beetles June bugs, may beetles, and Japanese Beetles.

When left alone the grubs will turn into adult beetles and then cause damage to your ornamental plants, and shrubs…these fellows get you from both directions.

The white grub is located usually on the upper part of the soil where they can feed on the organic matter. When they are very young they will be the easiest to control and this would be when we want to apply our insecticide. Once it gets warmer and the grub ages they will push deeper into the soil and this will make it harder to get a good chemical down into that layer to eliminate them.

So the timing and the product choice for controlling the white grub are both very important to any type of control and prevention of the white grubs.

We have the right products at the best price and are here to help with all your pest control needs, call us at 1-888-523-7378 to place your order today.

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