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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

When you are looking for ways to Inspect, and prevent Thrips on your plants and yard, Solutions Pest & Lawn has you covered. Thrips are very small, slender insects that are not easily seen with the naked eye. When they have wings present they will have four identical wings. The wings of a Thrip is fringed with hair, similar to a feather. Sometimes small enough to enter through openings in a screen. Thrips can bite humans that they come in contact with and can cause a rash. Typically in the summer months they can become a nuisance in the outdoors, around swimming pools and in lawns. Inside homes they are more a nuisance because you find they along exterior walls and are occasional pest.

This video will discuss identifying the thrips, a little back ground on the behavior of thrips and potential control methods. Because we want you to feel that you can rid your plants of thrips like a professional with professional pest control chemicals.

Using the right products, such as Merit or Bifenthrin for your lawn will make all the difference in the world. Whether you choose a systemic approach or to use an insecticide directly on the insect for control, this video can help you understand the best approach. We at Solutionsstores.com have the expertise to help you with product selection and mixing and application rates.

We have the right professional strength Insect control products for all you pest control needs. Best products at the best price and our professional staff is here to help with all your pest control needs

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