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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

A millipede typically lives outdoors where they can feed on damp and decaying wood and other vegetation matters, but they can become a household pests. This thousand leg pest is a slow crawler with a round body and 2 sets of legs per body segment. The Millipede typically protects itself from gland excression which is an unpleasant odor. Millipedes are norturnal and hide underneath objects during the damp. Heavy numbers of infestations typically happen during the fall, but people have had invasion in the spring and summer months.

Controlling millipedes can be done by harborage altercation, and chemical barrier treatments. Removing the areas that are damp and an ideal area for them to survive and feed will work great in controlling your millipede problem. Entry points can be sprayed with an insecticide and filled with copper mesh to stop any additional entry. Ground cover and vegetation to close to the house can be a good breeding spot for millipedes and should be addressed with removal or chemical treatment.

Dust can be also used in the exterior cracks and crevices to control any that make their way inside and the holes and cracks can then be sealed up after applying the dust. It may be necessary in very damp areas such as basements, under your washing machines to apply an interior insecticide also.

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