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How to do a silverfish inspection and control them

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016

What to look for when you are doing a Silverfish Inspection:

Identify the active pest conditions: What is making your home or garage so nice for the Silverfish to invade? These conditions would include harborage areas that help te silverfish stay alive and hidden close to the structure they are invading. Excessive mulch, moisture, leaf litter, and other organic matter. Check your exterior out for these conditions and make any type of alteration that can be done to limit the attractiveness.

Now you need to start thinking points of entry, how are they getting inside? Foundation cracks, weep holes, windows, doors, cracks and crevices, plumbing penetrations.

Consider the most sensible treatment plan for your personal home, is there a concern about pools or ponds, kids and pets.

A good solution might be to use MotherEarth Alpine dust around the exterior, this is a great alternative for sensitive areas. Can also apply Motherearth Scatter Bait around the foundations, patios, decks, entrances to homes and buildings to prevent any other type of crawling insect from entering.

Inside for area of known populations of Silverfish Dekko Silverfish Packs are a great solution, to bait and control them. Very inexpensive and very successful in controlling your Silverfish problem inside.

A good residual spray, such as Cy-Kick CS is a extremely effective on all types of insects not just the occasional invaders. Low cost and will control pest for up to 90 days, one 16 ounce bottle can give most homeowners 2 years of pest control.

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