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DIY pest control: 6 reasons to skip the local pest control companies

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 5, 2016

These days it seems like a person can do just about anything on their own! The Do-It-Yourself movement is always growing and encompassing more tasks. Being a home or business owner opens up all kinds of DIY opportunities in home maintenence, and that includes pest control! So go ahead and skip calling the local pest control company, because most pest management for your home and business can now be done by you. We at ePestSolutions can get you started with everything you need.


  1. The first reason that comes up for many people is that it will save you money. Everyone is looking for ways to save money in these economically trying times. If you manage pest issues yourself you won’t be paying for a local pest control company’s payroll, overhead or markups. When you do it yourself, all it costs is your supplies and your time. ePestSolutions makes professional grade products available to the DIYers so you can be confident that you will have the right supplies for your job!
  2. You get to pick your own products! And there are so many to choose from! Your local pest control company may have just a few products they use or endorse, but as a DIYer, you can pick and choose any product or combination of products that you want and that are specific to your pest control needs.
  3. You choose where you want pest control treatment. When you treat your own home or business you get to decide exactly where you want the pest control application, nothing more and nothing less! You won’t have to wonder if all spaces got treatment, or if places you didn’t want treated were contaminated.
  4. You control exactly when and where you want in re-application. You will be able to re-apply products when it is convenient for you and only where you need it without having to schedule and reschedule with a company.
  5. Self Sufficiency is it’s own reward! When you learn to do maintenance round your home or business you learn valuable skills. You learn how to inspect for signs of trouble, you learn how to identify pests and how to control them. And you learn to figure out what plan of attack will work best for your home or business. Some people find these skills of self sufficiency to be very gratifying.
  6. DIY has never been easier! The accessibility of free professional instruction has never been greater! The internet is a valuable resource to the DIY enthusiast. YouTube has how-to videos explaining what to look for, how to identify problems and then step-by-step recommendations for a plan of pest control action. ePestSolutions not only has all of the supplies you will need to start and maintain your pest control management, but we even have instructional videos on YouTube to help you every step of the way.

There are so many reasons to try a self sufficient and DIY approach to pest control! What will your reasons be?





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