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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

 A homeowners yard not only provides an oasis of beauty and creativity in its landscaping, it can also add significant curbside appeal which increases the property’s value. Whether your home is a permanent residence or you have plans to sell, having a well-maintained and healthy looking yard is a priority. When pests invade your lawn, they can do considerable damage not only to its well being and ability as a supportive base, but also by affecting the way it looks in a negative way. When this happens, the curb appeal and added value is gone with the wind. Like an artist’s canvas, no matter how colorful or meticulously detailed your yard may be, if the backdrop – in this case the lawn – is dry with patches of dead grass due to chinch bug infestation, even Picasso wouldn’t be able to turn it into a masterpiece.



These pesky bugs are sun lovers and like the heat. They’ll gravitate towards full sun areas for the maximum in warmth in the yard and areas beside a driveway or sidewalk. A female lays eggs daily and in her lifetime, can lay as many as 250 eggs resulting in a large population ready to attack your lawn.




With the help of available chinch bugs treatments such as Talstar PL (granules) or Talstar P (spray) and Merit Systematic Insecticide, you can manage and maintain a chinch bug invasion without calling in the professionals. This do-it-yourself project is affordable and easy to apply to your lawn without the need for special equipment. Talstar Products Talstar products are effective in controlling more than 75 pests including chinch bugs. Using chinch bugs treatment is easy, long-lasting, and saves money by preventing on-going damage that may result in replacement of your lawn. Talstar PL comes in a granular form in 25lb or 50lb bags. The granules are dispersed throughout the yard where they work their way into the lawn’s core providing long-term protection for several months. No watering is required to activate the granules. Talstar P (Talstar One) comes in liquid form in 1 or 4 gallon jugs. The insecticide is mixed with water then applied to the area using a sprayer. It is odorless, does not irritate the skin, leaves no staining on lawn, is pet safe, and isn’t affected by rainfall. It eliminates bugs for up to 3 months. Merit 75 WP Systematic


This systematic insecticide, available in granular form, works from the ground up. The granules are spread over the lawn where they will be absorbed by the root system. When the chinch bugs feed on the grass, they die. As the long-lasting insecticide continues to eliminate bugs, the grass is able to grow and remain healthy. With these easy to use chinch bugs treatment products in granule or spray form, chinch bugs don’t stand a chance. Start the process of turning your lawn into a lush green carpet versus a checkerboard mosaic of discolored and dead grass with the use of Talstar and Merit products. Easy to apply and easy on the wallet make this do-it-yourself pest project a win-win situation. For more information, head over to Solutions Stores

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