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Other Pest Control Articles

DeltaDust, a great waterproof insecticide option
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

It’s an insect-fighting Catch 22: many insects love hiding or nesting in moist areas, yet many insecticides are less effective (or not effective at all) when exposed to moisture. DeltaDust solves that problem. It claims the title as “the world’s first and only 100% waterproof in...

Unseasonably warm weather leads to confused bugs
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

A warm stretch of weather extending later into fall than usual may be welcome by many people—but there may also be some insect-related downsides that most of us probably won’t be too happy about. As this article notes, an upswing in temperatures in some areas that are experiencing uns...

Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

QUESTION: I have a few larger indoor plants that seen to have a white sticky web-like bug infesting them, on the underleaf or tunnels of the leaves of my plants. I was wondering if this product would do the trick & get rid of them without hurting the plant or if you could recommend something...

Beware of bugs trying to hibernate in your home
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

This is the time of year when insects start making their plans for the winter. Some species tend to be “snowbirds,” meaning they migrate to warmer areas during the winter season. But many other types of insects—such as ladybugs and stink bugs—simply seek out a warm place t...

Plants enlist aid from birds for pest control
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

It seems many of us may have underestimated the resourcefulness of a seemingly helpless plant. A new study seems to indicate that plants have a clever tactic that can help protect them from invading insects. The study’s findings show that when trees or plants are under attack from insects,...

Insects with impressive survival tools
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

Insects in general can often be hearty survivalists—but some particular types of bugs seem to have special features or abilities that allow them to survive and defend themselves against potential threats. As National Geographic explains, these insects are blessed with a variety of useful a...

The beta crystal benefits of Tempo SC Ultra
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

If you are looking for a powerful, fast-acting insecticide that makes it easy to cover a large area quickly, Tempo SC Ultra may be exactly what you need. The secret to Tempo’s effectiveness is its beta crystal formulation. This customized blend of different-sized crystals allows for more c...

Get rid of pests with Dekko silverfish paks
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

If you have recently been digging out your winter clothes or holiday decorations from the closets or attic, you may have encountered an unwelcome and unsightly pest—the silverfish. Silverfish like dark, moist and warm areas so they are commonly found in attics, basements and hidden in out ...

Insect identification helpful for bug control
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

If you’ve been battling a sudden insect invasion, you may not be particularly interested in getting a good look at the pest that’s bugging you. But sometimes this can be helpful in order to solve the problem effectively. As noted on this blog, an entomologist or others who work in th...

Overwintering Insects: In -laws are not the most dreaded house guest
Bug Lady Aug 3, 2016

Stinkbugs are small enough to use many different opportunities to enter a structure, so think about more than just the windows or doors as possible entry points. Overwintering guest usually occur in the fall when the temperatures start to drop. It is possible for them to be located in your attic...

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