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Mouse Control

posted this on Aug 11, 2016


The physical ability of the mouse is amazing as most homeowners can attest to their rapid speed when you are trying to trap them. Mice have been measured up to speeds of 12 feet per second and can jump an amazing 2 feet high. The mouse is an excellent climber and can scale any rough surface wall without even breaking their stride.


There is no wonder that mouse control can be a challenge for even the most experienced pest expert. Knowing a few key bits of rodent management techniques will help you be more successful at your mouse control.


Know the enemy, being able to identify whether it is a mouse or a rat will change the way you attack the problem, traps and glue boards are not created equal and ones that will work for mice are not big enough to handle and adult rat. Fecal identification is one of the keys to identification and usually is the most commonly encountered sign of a rodent infestation. The house mouse produces about 40 to 100 fecal pellets daily, even a small colony can produce thousands of feces in a very short period of time. Their pellets are between 1/8 to ¼ inch long and usually have one or both ends pointed.


Because mice usually follow the same pathway looking for evidence of runways, tracks will help you identify where to place your traps and glue boards for mice control.


Exclusion techniques whenever possible will help eliminate their entrance and make your residence mouse free for years to come. Fundamentally you want eliminate dead spaces, cracks, crevices and other openings so that pest cannot hide or enter. Repair doors, cracks should be block with copper mesh and openings were plumbing is entering the structure should be covered with some type of steel.


Good sanitation will also help in mouse control, eliminating as much of their food source as possible will help keep their population and health in check. Keeping a tight lid on garbage cans and cleaning up spills and food inside will help.


The use of mouse snap traps, mouse bait, and glue boards will help make your mouse control endeavors very successful. Mechanical traps, snap traps have been around for centuries and work very effective when placed in the proper location. Make sure the opening of the trap is up against a structure, wall or cabinet in order to be more successful. For mice control there are also available multi catch live traps for homeowners who wish to release the mice away from their residence.


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