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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 6, 2016

Mosquitoes! These small flying insects can ruin an outdoor event quickly. They can keep you up at night if one gets in your home. We have all probably been about to drop off to sleep only to have our eyes fling open wide as that small, high-pitched buzzzzzz sounds in our ear. Great, well that does of adrenaline will keep you awake for a while. You might as well get out of bed and hunt the flying beast.


The best way to get rid of outdoor mosquitoes is never to have them in the first place. Prevention is worth its weight in gold. How do you prevent mosquitoes? Get rid of all standing water. They breed and drop their eggs into the water. The problem with prevention is that the source of mosquitoes may not be within your control. It may belong to a neighbor or even be a natural source such as a pond or river. The problem with mosquitoes are the females. They need blood to complete their breeding cycle. That is why they bite us. The males are plant sap suckers and do not seek blood. Still, how do you tell one from the other before she plunges her blood sucking straw into our flesh? You must be an expert. Better to be rid of them all then to suffer the feeding whims of the female mosquito.

Mosquito Misting Chemicals

Mosquito Misting Chemicals are the perfect weapon for the DIY home eradication warrior. These are a system of nozzles that produce a mist or fog that kills mosquitoes and many other kinds of insects. The nozzles are piped around the outside of your home and connect to a central pumping station that pushes the pesticide through the system and out the nozzles. This is a fairly easy system to install and is about on the same complexity as a drip irrigation system.

If you are tired of welts, itching and bits from mosquitoes, then consider this easy to install alternative. The system is good for multiple years of use, and there is a variety of products that you use with the misting system.

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