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Selecting appropriate mosquito products

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

Mosquitoes are problematic, especially in summer. The insects can get into houses or bite ankles and exposed skin after stepping outside to enjoy the fresh air. The problems associated with mosquitoes are not only limited to the bites, but also the potential diseases that the insects may carry. That is why it’s important to select appropriate DIY mosquito control measures.


Spraying a product on the skin can be a solution, but only when it relates to areas that are not part of a personal home. For example, spraying an insect repellent on the skin before going out for the day.

Since the insects do not necessarily bite individuals in their homes, it’s important to take measures to protect against the bites when traveling away from the house. Even a short trip to the store can result in bites.

The potential downside of the topical spray is the possibility that the skin will react poorly to the product. Individuals who have sensitive skin should test the spray on a small area to ensure that it will not cause any negative reactions.


There are a variety of traps and repellents that can be used in various areas of the house or the yard. Since the traps are portable, such as lanterns or candles, they can be used in any location and can be taken away from the house when it’s necessary.

Keep in mind that some portable traps and repellents are designed for outdoor locations. It’s important to follow the directions of any trap before using it to encourage mosquitoes to avoid the particular space.


Along with the traps and the solutions that are sprayed on the skin, spraying the yard with appropriate repellents can be a good solution. The best sprays for the yard can vary, but there are options available at ePestSolutions that can encourage mosquitoes to avoid the yard or kill the insects before they get to the house.

Follow the directions carefully. Mosquito sprays that are used for the yard can be made with chemicals. Avoid direct contact with the skin or follow any safety instructions when the chemicals get onto the skin.

There are a variety of reasons that mosquitoes are dangerous for health, including the risk that the insects will spread diseases. Fortunately, there are also products that can help repel or eliminate the insects when they are in a house or yard.

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