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Organic Alternatives to Mosquito Misting Systems

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

There aren’t many individuals, especially those living in warmer areas of America, who haven’t encountered mosquito problems at some point.  Traditional knowledge would make a person think that mosquito misting systems are the only way to handle this issue, but luckily, they’d be wrong.  There are actually a few organic methods, even some all-natural products that can handle those pesky pests.

Stopping Mosquitoes from Breeding

The best mosquito repellent is to stop them before they’re ever a problem.  This means removing the conditions that attract mosquitoes and allow them to breed.  The main attractant for these pests is standing water, so removing these areas can stop mosquitoes from ever showing up.

Homeowners should check tires, gutters, flower pots, and even their garden for open water.  These are breeding grounds for the insects, and simply removing them can do wonders.  It may even be necessary to cover unused pools and bird baths to handle the issue.

Repelling Mosquito Infestations

Once mosquitoes have shown up and removing standing water didn’t seem to help, there are a few organic ways to repel the little nuisances.  Some sprays, such as All Natural Yard & Patio Insect Spray RTU, are made from naturally occurring substances.  Since its natural, it, along with several other types of mosquito sprays, can be used anywhere from the yard to a kennel and still manages to ward off mosquitoes.

Essentria IC3 is another organic product that wards off mosquitoes.  In fact, it’s so organic that it can actually be used over water where mosquitos absolutely love to breed without harming the aquatic life around where it’s used.  In addition, the product also wards off everything from aphids to wasps.

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