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Mosquito Misting Systems Can Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Have you ever been sitting in your backyard trying to enjoy the weather or company of great friends, but can’t stand to be outside because mosquitos are eating you alive? If this happens to you on a regular basis MistAway can bring back the enjoyment of relaxing outside with one of their mosquito misting systems.

Mosquito misting systems are a must for enjoyable outdoor living

In just one Saturday you can arm yourself from mosquitos for years to come. MistAway mosquito misting systems are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to move if necessary. They work by providing you with overall protection from annoying mosquitos and pesky flies. They not only you’re your outdoor living space more comfortable but they also make it safer by eliminating the risk of diseases such as West Nile Virus and diseases spread by flies such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery.

We’ve all used citronella candles and bug zappers, but they just aren’t effective enough for some areas. Mosquito misting systems deter all flies and mosquitos in 1-2 mists per day. Very much like sprinklers, misting systems are set on a timer and go off at scheduled times each day. With 12 daily mist cycles available, it’s not hard to create a cycle that best fits your schedule. The solutions available for the misting systems are safe to use in a variety of sensitive areas. Our systems are very easily hidden into your landscape and once your system is installed, the only thing you’ll notice is the lack of painful, itchy bites and pesky flies invading your space.

From purchasing your system, to installation, to repairs and maintenance, MistAway is there for anything you need. Our systems are highly reliable and can provide you with years of satisfaction and enjoyment. ePest is proud to carry all systems, replacement parts and insecticides for your MistAway mosquito misting systems.

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