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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 1, 2016


Mosquito foggers


Backyard mosquito sources should be taken seriously. They hugely contribute to the amount of mosquitoes flying around in your yard, and all it takes is a little bit of water to create a mosquito breeding ground. Common backyard mosquito breeding sources include plugged roof gutter, unmaintained pools and spas, uncovered boats, flooded basements, ornamental ponds, bird baths, plant pots and kiddy pools. Adult female mosquitoes will find these water sources and lay hundreds to thousands of eggs. From eggs to mosquito larvae to biting adult mosquitoes, it just takes a few days to have a lot of mosquitoes in your backyard. Along with removing sources of standing water, turn to ePestSolutions for additional products and tools to get rid of those annoying backyard mosquitoes.

If you’re having trouble with areas with standing water in your backyard, try our Bactimos Briquets. These are floating sustained-release larvicide for long-term control of mosquitoes. Break them into portions and place in roof gutters, rain barrels, bird baths, flower pots or any other location near the home where water collects and remains for a period of time.

From mosquito misting systems and foggers to insecticides and additional accessories like risers and nozzles,Solutions Stores has everything you need to conquer and eliminate mosquitoes. Customers can feel confident knowing that ePestSolutions only provides pest control products from companies with excellent reputations for high quality, advanced technology, effectiveness, safety and reliability. Top brands include Du Pont, Bell, Kaput, MGK and FMC. At ePestSolutions, our customers come first. When there is a concern or question, customers can get fast support from our trained staff via live chat, email or phone. We’re available before you purchase and after you purchase. No question is too small, and no question is too big. Even purchase pest control products that professionals in the field use – and at a savings.

When you’re entertaining in the backyard, enjoying a dip in the pool or grilling up some culinary goodies, mosquitoes can take the fun out of your outdoor activity. Turn to the experts at ePestSolutions for exceptional pest control products that work. Take control and regain your outdoor enjoyment and freedom.

Strategies for Backyard Control of Mosquitoes

If you’re interested in obtaining long-term, consistent control of mosquitoes and enhancing the value of your home, investing in an outdoor residential misting system is a smart choice. Many companies offer an integrated pest management approach to mosquito control with the installation of a mosquito misting system, using a mosquito fogger and placing larvicides in areas where there is standing water. Larvicides are insecticides that are used to control immature mosquitoes before they develop into biting adults. This type of integrated pest management approach gives you triple protection.

There are also strategies to minimize mosquito breeding on your property by eliminating standing bodies of water, as female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Empty accumulated water from flower pot bottoms, trash cans, pet dishes and any other outdoor structures. Ornamental pools can be aerated and stocked with mosquito-eating fish. Unclog obstructed rain gutters and fix leaking air conditioners that produce puddles. Irrigate gardens and lawns carefully to avoid standing water.

Topically applied mosquito repellents help prevent bites when you’re outdoors. The most effective ones contain diethyltoluamide (DEET). With a higher percentage of DEET in the repellent, you get longer-lasting protection. And for young children, there are low percentage formulations. You can even apply mosquito repellents to your outer clothing as well as to your skin. Mosquito foggersOther options for reducing mosquitoes in the backyard include, mosquito zappers, traps and coils.

Getting rid of mosquitoes in the backyard isn’t rocket science, but you’ve got to refine your approach and use integrated strategies for the best results. Like anything else, there’s not a one-fix solution. Using misting systems, foggers, insecticides, larvicides, repellents, bug zappers and bug traps are all factors that play a role in eliminating mosquitoes. And if you don’t want to do it on your own, there are pest control services who will be more than happy to do it for you. With an integrated approach, you can say good-bye to those annoying mosquitos and comfortably enjoy those spring and summertime backyard activities like grilling, lounging, swimming and partying. Here’s an outline of some effective strategies that should be in your pest control plan to get rid of those backyard mosquitoes.

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