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Want to Get Serious About Mosquitoes?

Camille Landry posted this on Nov 28, 2016

The top Mosquito Control Products to have in your arsenal

Most of us can identify a mosquito and have all had to deal with their blood sucking ways. But can we identify the breeding grounds and areas that are giving them more coverage and protection than we should? Mosquitoes are attracting to are CO2, warmth even the color of our skin. But with that said our biggest concern in our backyard is the areas where they can breed, they only require a very small amount of stagnant water to breed and these areas need to be addressed.


There are a variety of options for controlling mosquitoes, and all will work for the most extent. Options include installing a Mosquito Misting System in your backyard, foggers, and perimeter sprays. How you decide to handle your mosquito problem will depend on how much you want to spend and you particular property.


Foggers can be used in conjunction with perimeter spraying, if you live in a high mosquito breeding zone, like the south, spraying all the foliage and then fogging the open areas, every couple weeks or when you know you will be having an outdoor event. This combination of mosquito control will really amaze you as to how effective these two technique are to control mosquitoes.


When you are trying to control mosquitoes in a very large piece of property or facility, an electric fogger will not be the correct unit and you will want to look at a larger gas powered unit, that can be either driven around on a ATV unit, golf cart or truck mounted.


Mosquito Control Heavy Hitter: Mosquito Misting System

There is no really perfect way to be 100% mosquito free, but eliminating all those breeding sites will make a difference in the population. Anything that holds only a couple of inches of water, that does not move is a prime location for breeding mosquito larvae. Make sure that any object that can hold water is emptied, tires, bird baths, buckets, planter pots, stumps, and even pet bowls.

Low standing areas of a yard, ditches, where there is excessive amounts of rain should be address, with either leveling and filling up, or the use of Mosquito Dunks. Mosquito Dunks / Briquets can also be used to place in any of the water receptacles.


For homes and backyards the Cadillac of all the mosquito control systems will be the Mosquito Misting Systems. What is a Mosquito Misting System you may be wondering? These are systems that emit a small amount of chemical through a nozzle system, typically 2 times a day. The nozzles are placed around the perimeter of the backyard, in flower beds, fences, and roof lines. They are pretty easy to install and most people can get a 30 nozzle in as little four hours and you can be mosquito free by that evening. These units cost a little more at the beginning, but year after to year they will take care of your mosquito problem, with little to no effort.


So if you want mosquitoes to fear you and your property, look into purchasing some of these excellent mosquito exterminating products and let them know you mean business. Browse our product line today!

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