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Want Mosquitoes Gone? Blast Them Away with a Mosquito Fogger.

Camille Landry posted this on May 18, 2017

mosquito biteSummertime has arrived! This means school is out and the family fun time has begun with barbecues, days at the pool and soaking up the sun. However, mosquitoes use the summertime as the period where they get a buffet of blood from us and will do anything in their power to ruin our good time and fill their bellies.


While slathering yourself with mosquito repellent is something you have to do if you’re out and about, it could be quite annoying to have to do that in your own yard when you just want to use the outdoor grill, relax in a hammock or play with the kids. So what's a good mosquito killing solution to keep those mosquitoes gone when you want to have a fun time with family and friends? Two words: mosquito fogging. A mosquito fogger can do a great job in keeping those bloodsucking irritants away and Solutions Pest and Lawn has a nice selection of effective mosquito foggers to choose from.


How Mosquito Foggers Work to Kill Mosquitoes

While when you hear the word fogger you may initially think of those bug bombs you see in the pest control aisle at your local big box retailer, those are not the type of mosquito foggers we are talking about here. Besides, those “bug bomb” foggers are largely ineffective and a waste of money because they hardly are able to keep mosquitoes or other pesky insects away. Once the fogger is set off, the mosquitoes will leave and then just come back once the products have worn off, which is rather quickly.


The mosquito foggers we carry is stock are commercial mosquito foggers which are professional grade. This means that all the mosquito killing pros utilize these types of heavy duty mosquito foggers when they are hired to conduct mosquito control.


Foggers work by producing fog using fogging concentrates designed to kill mosquitoes. The Fog produced from a fogger contains small droplets of the insecticide solution, usually 50 microns in diameter or less.


This results in a true fog, where the droplets are nearly imperceptible. They remain suspended in the air until they evaporate. The mosquitoes come into contact with this solution and are very quickly killed by the vapors. At best case, mosquito foggers work to keep mosquitoes away from wherever they are applied or kills them dead.


Types of Foggersthermal fogger

There are two main types of mosquito foggers that are used in commercial mosquito spraying. There are thermal foggers, where the fog is created through heat sources such as propane, and then there are ULV or cold foggers which use cold temperatures to create a fog. ULV foggers are mostly electric foggers and need to be plugged into electricity to work.


Solutions Pest and Lawn carries both kinds of mosquito foggers and both types have their own advantages. What you choose often depends on the goals you have in mind and the size of the space where you would like mosquitoes to be controlled. Generally, ULV cold foggers are used for indoor control and for smaller spaces, while thermal foggers are for more serious mosquito infestations spanning a larger space.


Some of our more popular fogging products for mosquito fogging control is the Solo 451 Mist Blower Fogging Backpack and Curtis Dyna-Fog foggers such as the Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger or the Curtis Dyna-Fog Tornado Flow Flex Fogger


If you are unsure what the best option would be for your property, you can have a chat with one of our expert representatives either in person at any one of our stores around the country, over the phone at 1800-479-6583, or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com. You can even chat with us live online at this website. Give us the details of your property and specific pest issue and we’ll give you our honest recommendations.


The Best Mosquito Fogging LiquidsKontrol 4-4 Fogging Insecticide

Once you have a mosquito fogger selected, the next most important thing is to have an effective mosquito fogging liquid that will eradicate the mosquito infestation around your home. As good as your fogger is in doing it’s job, if you have an inferior fogging concentrate, mosquitoes will continue to be a problem.


Solutions Pest and Lawn carries professional grade fogging liquid concentrates that are proven to eliminate even the most stubborn and resistant mosquito invasions. While all of the fogging concentrates we use are proven to work (or else we wouldn’t carry them), we do carry different options for DIYers that will fit various preferences whether it be budget, chemical concerns, and natural insecticides that are less hazardous to spray outdoors around a yard.


Some of the main mosquito fogging liquids we recommend are CSI 4-4 Mosquito Fogging Insecticide. This insecticide, however, is primarily for thermal foggers. For ULV Foggers, we carry CSI 30-30 Mosquito Fogging ULV Insecticide. There are also more versatile fogging insecticides we carry which can be used on either ULV or Thermal foggers and are budget-friendly such as Pyrocide 100 Fogging Insecticide or Pyrocide 300 Fogging Insecticide.

For those seeking a fogging insecticide that utilizes more natural chemicals, we carry Stryker Pyrethrum Insecticide. This product contains pyrethrins which are extracted from the chrysanthemum plant and is a natural and eco-friendly means of controlling mosquitoes and a variety of other problem pests that may happen to be on your property.


Fog Your Way To a Mosquito-Free Summer

This summer, mosquitoes are out to ruin a lot of our fun time with their presence, so it’s best to be proactive and cut them off from doing any sort of damage. While mosquitoes can’t ever be completely wiped out through control methods such as fogging, their presence and infestations can be significantly reduced so you can enjoy your yard again during those times of the day when mosquitoes are most active.


Shop our mosquito ULV Foggers and Thermal Foggers today. If you need more information, we are also here to speak to and give helpful DIY advice. Please reach out to us and we can help you in deciding whether a mosquito fogger is the right solution for you.


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