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The Costs of Owning a Mosquito Misting System

posted this on Apr 27, 2017




Mistaway Systems

If you’ve clicked to read this article, you are likely considering a mosquito misting system and have read and heard about all the amazing benefits it can bring if it was installed on your home.


Mosquito misting systems are indeed an excellent tool for mosquito control and if successfully used, can allow you and your family to enjoy your yard and patio again without those irritating bloodsuckers ruining your good time.


Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry some of the best mosquito misting systems you will find on the market at prices that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re someone who loves to BBQ out on your patio or rest in a hammock on your yard, this is the perfect tool to have to ensure that mosquitoes don’t intrude upon your leisure.

"Many major cities of the world, especially in the Americas, are at risk of potentially devastating epidemics of yellow fever because they are infested with Aedes aegypti mosquitos which can transmit the disease", states the World Health Organization.

What Is a Mosquito Misting System?

A mosquito misting system are what many would call a luxury item for homeowners that like to spend time in their yard and outer property without the threat of bloodsucking mosquitoes ruining their good time. Mosquito misting systems consists of a tank or housing which keeps mosquito insecticide and a nozzle system designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other insects outdoors.

Mosquito misting systems include spray nozzles whichare mounted around the perimeter of a home in the lawn or landscaping, or on parts of the house or fence. The spray nozzles are connected by tubing to the insecticide tank or housing. Some misting systems may be turned on at preset intervals using a timer. Others can be conveniently operated via remote control. No matter what way they are used, they eliminate the need for the labor involved with regularly spraying around the home to prevent mosquitoes from flying around and infesting a property.

The Benefits of a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting systems have become a hot item for homeowners in recent years. Initially made for farms and horse stables to control flies, they have become an asset in urban environments and suburbs to control mosquitoes which frequent homes and businesses.


A mosquito misting system allows a homeowner to use their yard without having to worry about the lingering threat of irritating and possibly disease-carrying mosquitoes.


No matter how big your yard may be, the mosquito misting system can make it more comfortable by keeping invading mosquitoes away from your pool area, outdoor dining area, outdoor grilling area, or patio.  Mosquito misters uses high-quality pesticides, such as Stryker and Riptide which are sprayed out of a machine in the form of a mist.


Some of the more finer mosquito misting systems like the ones we carry from Mistaway are even more convenient because they are customizable via a remote control.


You can set the times you want the mosquito misting system to spray, the duration and it can help you to monitor tank levels to inform you that it needs a refill and maintenance issues like leaks.



Are Mosquito Misting Systems Safe?

People are often weary of systems when they learn that it's a mist that permeates around their property to kill insecticides and wonder if this can affect pets and people. Mosquito misting systems are environmentally friendly and the chemicals involved often contain natural ingredients such as rosemary oil and peppermint oil or pyrethrum, a natural insect killer made from the extractions of the chrysanthemum flower.

While these insecticides are of low toxicity, it is advisable to not be outdoors when a misting from the mosquito misting system is actively taking place. Coming in contact with the insecticide during a misting can cause skin irritation and potential respiratory problems.


With that being said, if the misting system is used properly and in accordance to the instructions. It is perfectly safe to own and operate around the home.


The Bottom Line

You may be thinking, “Yeah, that’s great and all but how much does a mosquito misting system cost?” So we’ll cut to the chase and get to the bottom line: it really depends.


The size of your property comes into play as well as how much of coverage you would like. Also it depends on what type of misting system you buy as higher quality mosquito misting systems with more features or which are customizable will naturally cost more.


With this being the case, we would also like to add that the cost of owning a mosquito misting system doesn’t end with just paying the price tag of the system itself. You have to factor in things like operating costs and maintenance costs.


We understand that purchasing a mosquito misting system can be a hefty investment for some families that will take some consideration. Here we will help breakdown about how much you are looking at spending when it comes to owning a mosquito mister and paying up maintenance and upkeep.


How much does a Mosquito Misting System cost?

  • On average, a professional grade mosquito misting system which we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn can range between $998  to as much as $1786.  The price Is determined by the manufacturer, the number of square footage which can be covered by the misting system as well as the special features offered by the system. How much a mosquito system costs may vary on numerous factors.


What is included with a Mosquito Misting System?Misting nozzle

  • The purchase of a misting system often includes an instructional DVD for installation. If not, then installation can be found on the official website (Mistaway for example). This will guide you through the process of setting up the system.  Since Solutions Pest & Lawn is a DIY pest control supplier, you will be saving on installation fees by doing it yourself.

  • Most machines will come with a limited warranty that can last anywhere from one to five years.

  • A mosquito misting system can be placed in any area where you want to control the mosquitoes. Typically a mister will contain at least 30 nozzles that can be placed around the property and will spray a mist of your selected pesticide.  The average misting system can cover between 2,000 to 5,000 square feet.

  • There are two main types of misters available and Solutions Pest & Lawn carries both types. There are drum misters, in which the misting machine sits atop a drum that is filled with the mosquito insecticide.  The insecticide contained in the drum will be pre-mixed and is pumped out according to your specifications which can be customized remotely.  A tankless mister is smaller and uses a replaceable canister containing the pesticide.  This pesticide is not mixed until activated and can be regulated much more easily.


Are there any extra costs to consider?

  • When you own a mosquito misting system, you will need to regularly purchase a mosquito insecticide misting concentrate.  For example, Solutions carries numerous misting concentrates such as Sector Mosquito Misting System Chemical or Stryker 5-25 Misting Concentrate among others. These misting concentrates vary in price, size and quality and can range between as little as $42.99 to as much as $179.99

  • Another expense to consider are purchasing chemical resistant gloves to protect your skin from harmful effects of the pesticide when you are refilling the containers with new insecticide or performing cleaning maintenance.

  • Like any item you purchase, over time, parts may wear and need replacing, Solutions carries various replaceable parts for misting systems which vary in price. These should also be factored in for mosquito system cost.


Other Factors which can influence the price:Mosquito Misting Control

  • Type.  Solutions carries two different brands of mosquito misting system.  The price you choose will definitely depend on whether you purchase a drum based system or a tankless system.

  • Operating System.  There are mosquito misting systems, such as the Mistaway Gen III Plus  which is equipped with a remote control which allows you to program and customize how the misting system functions (days to mist, duration, timing etc). Other mosquito misting systems you will find while shopping online have manual operation.  While these are cheaper, they are not necessarily better in terms of quality and convenience over an automatic mosquito mister.  


Helpful Tips when Operating a Misting System

  • It would be best to measure the area where you would like the mosquito misting system to be installed and how much coverage you would like. An average backyard may need around 30 nozzles. If you need more and want to cover more ground, you can purchase more nozzles from us.

  • We recommend using a natural insecticide which contains pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a deriviative of the Chyrsanthemum flower. Not only is it best for safety and breathing purposes but it doesn’t leave residue, guaranteeing that  you will not end up with windows, patios and benches which appear greasy


Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a misting system:

  • What kind of insecticide should I use for the mosquito misting system?

  • Can I control when, how long and how much mist is sprayed?

  • How long does the misting takes?  How long do the effects last?

  • What kind of maintenance does a mosquito misting system need?

  • Does the mosquito misting system offer a satisfying warranty?

  • How often would the system need to be refilled?


How can I save money when shopping for a mosquito misting system?save money

  • Before buying the first mosquito misting system you see, try to shop around and compare prices with other misting systems as well as the features. By doing your research you will find that Solutions Pest & Lawn has the best quality misting systems at the most affordable prices.

  • Contact us to get a free analysis of whether your property could benefit from a mosquito misting system and to estimate the number of nozzles needed to be installed in your property. Doing so helps you prevent purchasing more nozzles than is necessary.

  • If you only need to control a smaller area such as a porch, a misting system may not be necessary. You may just need mosquito perimeter spray.

  • If you are not needed to frequently use the mosquito system, buying a programmable mosquito misting system may not be a necessary investment.

 West Nile Demographics


After considering all of the following when it comes to determining mosquito system cost, please get in touch with us to order a Mosquito Misting system today! We are available anytime via email, phone or online live chat!


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