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Get Mad, Get Even: With Those Mosquitos
Aug 2, 2016

HOW TO KILL AND ELIMINATE MOSQUITOS Without a doubt, mosquitos are some of the most annoying insects when you’re trying to enjoy an outdoor barbeque or just bask in the sun on a cozy lounge. Constant buzzing and those leftover red, itchy bumps just make you want to slap them. While you can...

Backyard Mosquito Control
Aug 3, 2016

BACKYARD MOSQUITO CONTROL HOW TO CONTROL MOSQUITOS IN YOUR BACKYARD I know it is still pretty cold and most of us are not thinking about mosquito control, but the truth is when we start thinking about them, we will be full in the season. Don’t waste another summer indoors because it is to...

Mosquito Control DIY Methods
Oct 18, 2016

Mosquito Overview   When you think of the term pest control, possibly the first thing that comes to your mind besides roaches is this pesky little bugger, the mosquito. Aside from being annoying with their affinity for sucking blood, mosquitoes have the potential to become incredi...

Cold Weather Doesn’t Mean Mosquitos are Totally Gone
Oct 31, 2016

  In Southern states especially, mosquitos tend to thrive in warmer weather, messing with us during the summer and making us think twice about taking a quiet night stroll around the park. Naturally, we hope that when the weather gets colder, the mosquitos would spare us and at least give ...

Riptide Mosquito Misting Chemical Review
Nov 1, 2016

  Speaker:  Keith McCoy, Solutions Self Chem       Hi, I’m Keith McCoy with Solutions Self Chem.     If you’re looking for a safe, effective product, hey, Riptide is probably the product for you. It’s a wonderful product, contains 5% p...

Want to Get Serious About Mosquitoes?
Nov 28, 2016

The top Mosquito Control Products to have in your arsenal Most of us can identify a mosquito and have all had to deal with their blood sucking ways. But can we identify the breeding grounds and areas that are giving them more coverage and protection than we should? Mosquitoes are attracting to a...

Tips on Controlling Mosquitoes in your Backyard
Apr 11, 2017

This guest post has been contributed by Karen Thompson from InsectCop.net   Everyone would agree that summer probably is the best season, but it also often gets ruined by mosquitoes and their non-stop biting. And mosquito bites aren’t just unpleasant and very itchy because in many ...

The Costs of Owning a Mosquito Misting System
Apr 27, 2017

      If you’ve clicked to read this article, you are likely considering a mosquito misting system and have read and heard about all the amazing benefits it can bring if it was installed on your home.   Mosquito misting systems are indeed an excellent tool for m...

The Top Mosquito Control Products To Have In Your Arsenal
Apr 27, 2017

  Mosquitoes may perhaps be the most well-known among all types of common insects that us humans encounter.   However, mosquitoes are not famous because they are adored, oh no, It is quite the contrary.   Mosquitoes have been the bane of our human existence ever since they f...

Why Owning a Mosquito Misting System is Worth The Cost
Apr 27, 2017

  Mosquito Misting systems can be a tremendous asset to have for a family home, especially one where you want to enjoy being outdoors in your yard to relax, take a swim in the pool or have a barbecue.   It can be an amazing feeling to be out on your patio in the evening--typically ...

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