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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Like their gopher cousins, moles can wreak havoc in your yard. They’ll burrow under your landscaping, and while they probably won’t eat your prize vegetables, they will generally make life miserable – hence their inclusion in the “pest” category.

It’s important to understand the distinction between gophers and moles, because the most effective means of eliminating them from your yard are quite different. As they dig their tunnels, gophers shove dirt out to the surface, creating horseshoe-shaped mounds. Moles, on the other hand, make volcano-shaped mounds. And while gophers will eat from your garden, moles mostly eat earthworms and other small invertebrates found in the soil.

If you determine that your backyard pests are in fact moles, you’ll need to gather some mole control supplies, including:

  • Insect pest control. Reducing the population of insects (i.e. mole food) in your yard can help control your mole populations; without food to eat, the moles aren’t likely to set up residence under your landscape.
  • Mole traps. The Talpirid mole trap by Bell Labs is a must-have among mole control supplies. The hands-free mole trap is fast and easy to place and set. When set, the low-profile trap sits close to the ground – no bulky metal or equipment sticking out. And it can be easily disengaged and relocated to other mole tunnels, depending on mole pressure.
  • Mole bait. Talpirid mole bait resembles the mole’s main food source – the earthworm. In the past, most mole control methods required many attempts for full success, whereas Talpirid will take care of the problem the first time.

If you have a mole infestation in your yard, ePest Solutions has the mole control supplies you need to eliminate the problem and take back your garden.

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