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Resolution of MistAway Gen III Bellow Pump Assembly

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Received an email on a Gen III Mosquito Misting System:

I have a Gen III tankless system. The doseing pump dose not pump. The motor turns on and the belows goes up and down. Do you have a parts list so I can buy the repair parts I need to fix the pump? Suggestions on what might be wrong.


The dosing pump (which is a bellows pump) on your Gen III tankless unit is not working, I would assume and I have confirmed with MistAway technical service department. The problem is that whatever insecticide you are using has swelled the duckbill valves in the pump, and caused it to fail.
MistAway has recently specked in a more chemical resistant polymer for the duckbill valves, which – if you are using Riptide or Sector – should last a lot longer. . but they are a different size than your valves. So, rather than replace the duckbill valves, you need to buy a replacement bellows pump assembly. . . part 10830, which is called the mini bellows pump for the Gen III. Link is below.


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